Best 15 Walleye Fishing Lures

best walleye lures

Best 15 Walleye Fishing Lures

This article will list the best 15 walleye fishing lures. Many anglers pursue walleye using artificial lures. Plugs, jigs, spoons, and spinners can be cast or trolled to catch walleye. There are many different choices when it comes to the artificial baits used to fool them. This is capt Jim’s list of the best 15 walleye fishing lures.

walleye fishing lures

  • Reef Runner plug

  • Michigan Stinger spoon

  • VMC Moon Eye jig

  • Rapala Shad Rap plug

  • Erie Dearie

  • Acme Kastmaster spoon

  • Northland Thumper Jig Head and grub

  • Bandit Walleye Minnow plug

  • Luhr Jensen Krocodile spoon

  • Lindy Fuzz-E-Grub jig

  • Rapala Jigging Rap

  • Moonshine Walleye Spoon

  • Storm Hot N Tot plug

  • Northland Whistler

  • Berkley Flicker Shad

Anglers certainly have other choices that are not on this list. By no means does this imply that they are not effective. However, this list of the best 15 walleye fishing lures is a very good representation of the options available. These 15 lures will cover every walleye fishing situation that an angler may encounter.

walleye fishing lures

Artificial lures have several advantages over live bait. The primary benefit is the ability to cover a lot of water more quickly. This is particularly true when trolling for walleye. Anglers can present several different lures at multiple depths in search of fish. Anglers casting lures cover a lot more water as well. Drifting while vertically jigging is effective as well. Anglers ice fishing for walleye use spoons and jigs extensively.

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Artificial lures will also provoke strikes from fish that are not actively feeding. The action and vibration will excite, anger, annoy, and evoke other emotions. Lures do not need to be kept alive and are less messy. A few walleye fishing lures are best when combined with live bait, making the best of both worlds.

walleye fishing, a beginners guide

Best walleye fishing tackle

The best tackle for walleye fishing will be briefly covered. There really is no one best outfit for walleye, due to the different techniques used. However, two different rod and reel combinations will cover most walleye fishing situations. These are a medium light spinning outfit and a conventional trolling rod and reel.

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walleye fishing in Michigan

A medium or medium light spinning rod and reel will allow anglers to cast light and medium weight lures. It is also perfect for vertical jigging when more finesse tactics are required. A 7′ to 7 ½ ‘ rod with a 3000 series reel spooled with 10 pound monofilament line is a good and versatile outfit.

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A medium conventional rod and reel is much better suited for trolling that a spinning outfit. Some specialized trolling reels have a line counter, making lure placement in the spread much easier. The rods are long and limber and specifically designed for trolling. These combos are surprisingly affordable.

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ice fishing

Best 15 walleye fishing lures

Here is a break down of Capt Jim’s favorite walleye fishing lures!

Reef Runner plug

reef runner plug

The Reef Runner plug is a very effective walleye fishing lure. The vast majority of anglers employ it by trolling. The large lip will let it dive down quite deep without the use of weights or downriggers. The long, slender shape gives the lure a unique action. It can be used along with downriggers and weights as well. Reef Runner plugs are available in a wide variety of colors, many of the best are brightly colored.

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Michigan Stinger spoon

The Michigan Stinger Spoon is a versatile and effective walleye fishing lure. It can be trolled behind a flasher on a downrigger or weighted. It casts well and can be cast and retrieved when walleye are shallow. It is also a popular lure when vertical jigging, both through the ice and in open water. It is a favorite of anglers ice fishing for walleye. Silver is the top finish, though some anglers prefer brightly colored lures.

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VMC Moon Eye Jig and soft plastic

ice fishing basics

The VMC Moon Eye jig head is an excellent method to present a soft plastic bait to walleye. It can be used with live bait as well. These jigs are available in many different sizes and colors. It is often fished in a vertical presentation, including through the ice. Anglers can also cast and retrieve it in shallow water.

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Rapala Shad Rap

shad rap

The Rapala Shad Rap is a versatile and effective bait that deserves to be on the list of the best 15 walleye fishing lures. It is available in several sizes and many different colors. Yellow perch and firetiger are popular finished. Shad Rap lures are trolled behind the boat or cast and retrieved. The wider body gives it a different profile from many other more slender jerkbaits.

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Erie Dearie

trolling lures for walleye

The Erie Dearie is a weight forward spinner that was built and designed for fishing in the Great Lakes. It is most often fished in conjunction with live bait, especially a nightcrawler. It is can be cast, trolled, and drifted. The lure adds weight and flash. It has accounted for many walleye over the decades. It is available in 4 sizes and a bunch of great colors.

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Acme Kastmaster spoon


The Acme Kastmaster spoon is another bait on the list of best 15 walleye fishing lures. It has a slender design and comes in a myriad of color finishes. It is often used in a vertical presentation and can be tipped with bait. It is a legend among anglers ice fishing. It can be cast and trolled and is a great choice when trout are also an option.

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Northland Thumper jig head and grub

The Northland Thumper is another productive walleye fishing lure. It combines a jig head with the flash of a spinner. Anglers often add their favorite soft plastic bait. Live bait including nightcrawlers, leeches, and minnows can be used s well. It is best used casting and drifting, where the flash of the blade can be utilized.

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Bandit Walleye Minnow Plug

walleye fishing

The Bandit Walleye Minnow plug is another slender jerkbait type fishing lure. It is most often used by anglers trolling. Brightly colored models are generally preferred.

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Luhr Jensen Krocodile spoon

Krocodile spoon

The Luhr Jensen Krocodile spoon is a legendary fishing lure for a variety of species, and walleye are no exception. It is very effective when trolled, but can be cast and vertically fished as well. Krocodile spoons are used extensively by anglers ice fishing. It is available in many different sizes and colors, including quite heavy spoons.

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Lindy Fuzz-E-Grub jig

best walleye lures

The Lindy Fuzz-E-Jig is an excellent choice when walleye are finicky and the bite is tough. It is a more subtle lure and is a good choice when the water is clear. It is usually fished by hopping it off the bottom. A minnow can be added as well.

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Rapala Jigging Rap

rapala jigging rap

The Rapala Jigging Rap is a legendary ice fishing lure. It is jerked up and then falls in an erratic manner. However, it works well in open water situations as well. “Ripping” has become a popular technique of late and the Jigging Rap is perfect for that. It comes in multiple sizes and colors, with gold being the top finish.

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Moonshine Walleye spoon

moonshine jigging spoon

The Moonshine Walleye spoon is known for it’s brightly colored high quality finishes. Like all spoons, it can be cast, trolled, or vertically presented. It is also another excellent ice fishing lure.

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Storm Hot N Tot plug

walleye trolling lures

The Storm Hot N Tot is a great little walleye fishing lure. It has a wide profile yet a very tight wiggle that produces a lot of flash and vibration. It will dive down to 15 feet or so on it’s own. It works very well when trolled, especially when walleye are in shallow water. Obviously, it can be cast and retrieved as well.

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Northland Whistler

walleye trolling lure

The Northland Whistler jig is a unique looking lure. It combines a jig with the flash of a spinner. Anglers can add a live bait or soft plastic bait. It works very well when bounced along the bottom from a drifting boat in stained water.

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Berkley Flicker Shad

berkley flicker shad

The berkley Flicker shad is a crankbait and is the last bait on our list of the best 15 walleye fishing lures. It also has the wider profile and the yellow perch and firetiger colors are the most popular. Like all plugs, it is effective when cast and trolled.

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In conclusion, this article on the best 15 walleye fishing lures will help anglers catch more of these tasty freshwater game fish!



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