Sarasota Family Fishing Charters with Capt Jim!

Sarasota family fishing charters

Sarasota Family Fishing Charters with Capt Jim!

Capt Jim runs Sarasota family fishing charters. Sarasota Florida along with Siesta Key and lido Key are famous tourist destinations. Visitors come from all over the country and the world to experience the beach, restaurants, and other activities that the area offers. Of course, fishing is on that list as well!

Sarasota is a great place for family fishing charters. We have a lot of species in the 1-3 pound range that are perfect for novice and less serious anglers. Also, the techniques used on my Sarasota family fishing charters are simple and easy for clients of all ages and abilities to employ. Light tackle is used on these charters.

Weather is another factor in fishing. Here in Sarasota, the weather is novice much of the time, making it an excellent choice for those seeking fishing charters for the entire family. We want our guests to be safe and comfortable, and this is the case most of the time. It does get hot in summer and we experience cold fronts in winter, but all in all, most on most days it is very nice.

Sarasota family fishing charters

Sarasota family fishing charters

The primary goal for Capt Jim on Sarasota family fishing charters is simple; keep the rods bent. Action and variety are the keys as opposed to trying to catch a more challenging trophy fish. There are several techniques that are perfect for this. On most trips, anglers land 6-8 different species and often more than that.

Drifting the deep grass flats is the technique that Capt Jim uses the most often on his Sarasota family fishing charters. It is easy and productive. Drifting the passes is another technique that is perfect for inexperienced anglers. Bottom fishing is productive in the cooler months. Trolling can produce big fish, even for novice anglers.

Drifting the deep grass flats on Sarasota family fishing charters

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Anglers drifting the deep grass flats can expect to catch a variety of species. Speckled trout and ladyfish top the list as the most commonly caught fish. Pompano, Spanish mackerel, jack crevalle, bluefish, silver trout, grouper, snapper, flounder, cobia, sharks, and catfish are also caught. This really is part of the fun as anglers never know what might show up next on the end of the line.

Capt Jim often used artificial lures on his Sarasota family fishing charters when flats fishing. It surprises some clients to learn that lures are often more productive and even be easier to fish. The lure that he uses most often on his Sarasota family fishing charters is a jig with a plastic grub body. This lure is easy to cast, has good action and scent, and even kids can learn to fish it with a few minutes of teaching.

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The basic approach is to cast the jigs out in front of the boat as it drifts with the wind and tide. The jig is allowed to sink a couple of seconds, then reeled back in using a series of hops. When fish are active, a steady retrieve will also produce. This type of fishing is fun and rewarding. It is great for kids as they are constantly doing something.

Live bait is used a lot as well on Sarasota family fishing charters. Live shrimp are available all year long. They can be fished under a float or free lined out behind the boat. In the summer, Capt Jim will use a cast net to catch hundreds of little minnows. These are then used as chum to attract and then catch fish. This is a very easy way for anyone to experience some fast action!

Fishing the passes on family charters

Sarasota Florida fishing charters

Passes are inlets or channels that connect the Gulf of Mexico with Sarasota Bay. In effect, they are just inlets called by another name. These areas experience strong current from the tides, have deep water, and a lot of structure. These are a few reasons why they are such good fishing spots!

Capt Jim uses two different techniques on his Sarasota family fishing charters. He drifts the passes while bouncing a jig off the bottom or free lining a live shrimp. He also bottom fished the abundant structure with shrimp, most often in the cooler months. Both techniques are easy and really do not require any casting. In both cases, the bait or lure is simply dropped to the bottom.

Drifting the passes produces a lot of herd-fighting ladyfish! If Capt Jim is looking for action, this is something he can usually count on. Jigs are dropped down then just bounced off the bottom as the boat drifts along. If the current is not too strong, live shrimp can be free lined as well. Spanish mackerel can be plentiful at times and pompano and bluefish are caught as well.

Structure is abundant in both passes, but particularly in Big Sarasota Pass, The entire north end of Siesta Key is littered with fish holding structure. Live and frozen shrimp dropped to the bottom produce a lot of sheepshead in January through April. Snapper and other species are present all year long.

More bottom fishing in Sarasota

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Bottom fishing is a technique that is used often on Sarasota family fishing charters, especially in the cooler months. Sheepshead, black drum, mangrove snapper, redfish, flounder, sea bass, and other species are landed by anglers simply dropping a piece of shrimp down to the bottom.

Bottom fishing charters can be done just about anywhere. Docks throughout the area are productive. Bridges hold plenty of fish. Edges of the Intracoastal Waterway are good spots to bottom fish and drift. Rocks and ledges are prime spots as well. Oyster bars produce in shallow water.

On a nice day, Capt Jim will run out into the inshore Gulf of Mexico to bottom fish on the three artificial reefs that were constructed to hold fish. Big sheepshead will be caught in winter and snapper are available all year. Flounder are sometimes caught and are certainly prized.

Trolling is productive on Sarasota family fishing charters

Trolling is a very productive fishing technique. It basically involves driving around at a slow speed while dragging lures behind. This has several advantages. Trolling allows anglers to cover a lot of water, presenting several lures at various depths in search of fish. It also involves no casting. Finally, it is a great way for someone with little or no experience to catch a nice fish as the boat does most of the work.

trolling with plugs

Capt Jim trolls on his Sarasota family fishing charters is several situations. In spring and fall, trolling spoons and plugs produces Spanish mackerel. Along with the 2-5 pound Spanish, anglers have the chance to catch a larger false albacore or even a nice king mackerel. Conditions have to be right, but when it is going on, this is some terrific fishing.

In the winter, jack crevalle will move up into are creeks and residential canals. Trolling with lures will produce some very nice fish. Phillippi Creek is the top spot, but other creeks and canals will hold fish as well. This is very easy and fun as anglers get to hold the rod and thus feel the strike. The fish pretty much hooks itself.

Capt Jim will troll in Sarasota Bay and in the passes as well. He usually uses a #8 Rapala X-Rap for this type of fishing. Anglers hold onto the road as the boat is idled along. Strikes are unmistakable and this is a great way to locate fish. Spanish mackerel, speckled trout, ladyfish, and bluefish are the top species caught this way.

In conclusion, this article on Sarasota family fishing charters will help anglers understand the options available to them as well as removing any hesitation that anyone can do this!

Jim Klopfer

Capt Jim Klopfer has been a fishing guide in Sarasota, Florida since 1991. He grew up in Maryland, fishing the Chesapeake Bay waters. Capt Jim has been creating an writing articles about fishing for decades, contributing to many regional and national publications. He also lives part time in the North Carolina mountains where he fishes for trout and other species. Capt Jim Klopfer is a wel rounded angler with 50 years fishing experience, and he loves to share what he has learned with other anglers!

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