Best 13 Ice Fishing Spoons – Tips and Techniques

Best 13 Ice Fishing Spoons – Tips and Techniques

This article will list the best 13 ice fishing spoons. Spoons are very effective ice fishing lures as they can be presented vertically. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to imitate any forage that game fish feed on. Spoons will catch every species that feeds under the ice!

ice fishing spoons

There are quite a few options for anglers when it comes to choosing the best ice fishing spoon. Obviously, the spoon will be fished in a vertical presentation through the ice. Ice fishing spoons are available in sizes from tiny spoons for panfish to spoons 4” or longer for trophy northern pike, bass, lake trout, walleye, and burbot.

northern pike fishing

In most cases, ice fishing spoons will mimic wounded bait fish. The flash and vibration will call fish to the lure. Bright colors are very effective, as are gold and silver finishes. Successful anglers match the color or finish to the conditions. Dark and bright colors work best in low light conditions. Conversely, white, silver, and subdued finishes are better in clear water and sunny days.

crappie fishing

The best 13 ice fishing spoons are;

  • Acme Kastmaster spoon
  • Bay de Noc Sweedish Pimple spoon
  • Clam Leech Flutter spoon
  • Williams Whitefish spoon
  • Acme Little Cleo spoon
  • VMC Rattle Spoon
  • Lindy Quiver spoon
  • Bay de Noc Do Jigger spoon
  • PK Lures Flutter Fish Jigging spoon
  • Acme Phoebe spoon
  • Venom Outdoors 360 Glow spoon
  • Moonshine jigging spoon
  • Mepps Syclops spoon

This list of the best 13 ice fishing spoons will cover every situation that an angler will encounter when chasing all species of game fish through the ice.

Ice fishing with spoons; top techniques

walleye fishing

Anglers ice fishing with spoons use them similarly to a jig. The lure is lowered down to the desired depth, then the rod tip is raised up, causing the spoon to “jump”. The rod tip is lowered and the spoon flutters down. This action is usually what draws the strike as it realistically imitates a wounded or dying bait fish.

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Anglers need to vary the retrieve and depth to determine what will be the most productive on that particular day. A good approach is to start at the bottom and work the spoon up in the water column. A subtle presentation usually works best, though a very aggressive retrieve will be called for on days when fish are very active.

ice fishing spoons

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The spoon can be used in conjunction with live bait to sweeten up the offering. A little taste and smell on the hook will often make the difference, especially on a tough day. Grubs, minnows, and nightcrawlers are all effective. Anglers targeting lake trout, northern pike, and burbot will often use a big chunk or strip of cut bait on a big spoon.

Best 13 ice fishing spoons

A spoon is basically a curved piece of metal with a hook in it. The shape and bend in the lure will determine the action that it has. While all ice fishing spoons are similar, there are differences between them. Therefore, each spoon will be briefly described below.

Acme Kastmaster spoon


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The Acme Kastmaster spoon is an excellent ice fishing spoon. It has a unique, dense design that sinks quickly, which is an advantage in strong current. Kastmaster spoons are available in many sizes from 1/32 ounce to several ounces. The plain, tiger glow, and flash tape models are available in the best sizes for ice fishing. The Tiger Glow line has the bright color finished that many anglers prefer. The Kastmaster spoon is now available in a new Tungsten model.

Bay de Noc Sweedish Pimple spoon

brown trout lures

The Bay de Noc Sweedish Pimple is a long and slender spoon. It is a good choice in clear water when anglers want a more aggressive presentation. It is available in 8 sizes and over a dozen colors and metallic finishes. The small versions are deadly on panfish while the larger models imitate ciscoes and other larger forage.

sweedish pimple chart

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Clam Leech Flutter spoon

flutter spoon

The Clam Leech Flutter spoon is another popular and effective ice fishing spoon. There are several models in the line, from the 1/32 ounce panfish model up to ½ ounce. Most anglers opt for one of their many bright color finishes.

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Williams Whitefish spoon

whitefish spoon

The Williams Whitefish spoon is a bit of a specialty lure. It is a larger, heavier spoon designed to mimic a wounded ciscoe and is used to target larger game fish including whitefish, burbot, lake trout, pike, and walleye. Anglers often add a strip or chunk of fresh cut fish. It works very well in deep water. It is available in three sizes and fifteen finishes.

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Acme little Cleo

little cleo spoon

The Acme Little Cleo spoon has a wide profile that makes it flutter seductively as it falls. It is an excellent choice in shallow water. These lures are available from 1/16 ounce to over an ounce. Anglers have a lot of choices as far as colors. The Glow series is very popular among anglers ice fishing.

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VMC Rattle spoon

vmc rattle spoon

The VMC Rattle Spoon has a brass chamber with rattles that emits a fish-calling action. It comes in four sizes and over a dozen fishes, mostly brightly colored. The combination of bright colors along with the rattles make this spoon an excellent choice in dirty water conditions. Ultra glow models will put out a glow for 15 minutes or so.

vmc rattle spoon chart

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Lindy Quiver spoon

quiver spoon

The Lindy Quiver Spoon has a wide body and a unique design. It puts out a very productive action with very little effort by the angler. It is available in 1/16, 1/8, ¼, ounce sizes and a dozen colors and finishes.

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Bay de Noc Jigger spoon

jigger spoon

The Bay de Noc Jigger spoon was specifically designed for a vertical presentation. It has an elongated diamond shape. The spoon comes in several sizes, starting with the #1 1/16 ounce size, which is the most popular among anglers ice fishing. The bright colors are most effective.

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PK Lures Flutter Fish spoon

flutterfish spoon

The PK Flutter Fish Jigging Spoon is another excellent lure for a vertical presentation. It has a unique shape and an enticing action as it falls through the water column. It comes in 6 sizes, from 1/8 ounce to one once in 17 flashy color patterns and metallic finishes. Glowing eyes help attract game fish as well.

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Acme Phoebe spoon

phoebe spoon

The Acme Phoebe spoon is an old school fishing lure that has been producing through the ice for decades. Anglers can choose from 1/12, 1/8, 1/6, ¼, and ½ ounce sizes and ten finishes. Gold is by far the most popular color. The Phoebe spoon has an excellent, subtle action in the water.

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Venom Outdoors 360 Glow spoon

venom spoon


The Venom Outdoors 360 Glow spoon is Ana’s personal favorite ice fishing spoon. It is long and slender, a shape many anglers fishing the “hard water” prefer. It has a Tungsten frame, rattles, and glows much longer underwater than other glow spoons do. It is available in four sizes and a bunch of terrific colors. Anglers can tip it with a grub for even more success.

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Moonshine Jigging spoon

moonshine jigging spoon

Moonshing Jigging spoons are known for their uniquely bright, flashy colors and erratic action in the water. Many actually glow. It is an “attractor” lure which will draw in curious game fish. It is available in ¼, 3/8, ½, and ¾ ounce sizes.

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Mepps Syclops spoon

mepps psyclops spoon

Last, but certainly not least, on the list of the best 13 ice fishing spoons is the Mepps Syclops spoon. It is available in 5 sizes from 1/8 ounce to 1 ounce in weight. These spoons are available in some very bright and flashy color combinations. The 00 size is perfect for panfish and other species caught through the ice.

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In conclusion, this article on the best 13 ice fishing spoons will help anglers choose the correct spoon for every ice fishing situation.


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