Best 11 Chatterbaits (Bladed Jigs) for Bass and More!

Best 11 Chatterbaits for Bass and Other Species

This article will list the best 11 chatterbaits. Chatterbaits are a fairly new addition to the fishing world. They are mostly used by anglers fishing for largemouth bass, but will produce other species in both freshwater and saltwater.

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A chatterbait combines the bulk and action of a swim jig with the flash and vibration of a spoon. They are also known as “bladed jigs”. This combination works very well, particularly when fished through submerged vegetation. It is an excellent search bait when fish are a bit aggressive.

All chatterbaits share similar characteristics, though each has some subtle differences. They all have a strong, single hook which rides up, making the lure quite snag-free. Most come with skirts, some of which are removable. A couple use a soft plastic bait in place of the shirt. Some type of vibrating blade sits in front, creating flash and vibration.

best 11 chatterbaits

Best 11 chatterbaits

Anglers have quite a few choices when it comes to choosing a chatterbait. Most companies that manufacture spinnerbaits offer a chatterbait as well. This is Capt Jim’s list of the best chatterbaits that are available.

Z-Man invented the chatterbait. Therefore, they have patents which other lure manufacturers can not use. The result is that many of the top chatterbaits are Z-Man products. Other companies offer versions of a chatterbait, or bladed jig, as well.

fishing with chatterbaits

The best 11 chatterbaits are;

  • Z-Man Original Chatterbait
  • Z-Man Chatterbait Elite
  • Strike King Thunder Cricket
  • Z-Man Jack Hammer
  • Strike King Rage Blade
  • Booyah Melee Chatterbait
  • Z-Man DieZel Chatterbait
  • Terminator Shuddering Bait
  • Z-Man Project Z Chatterbait
  • Picasso Shock Blade Pro
  • Z-Man Micro Chatterbait

This list of chatterbaits and bladed jigs will cover all of the fishing situations that an angler will encounter. This includes both freshwater and saltwater applications.

Best rod and reel for fishing a chatterbait


While anglers can use spinning tackle when fishing with chatterbaits, baitcasting gear is the best choice in most applications. A 7′ to 7 ½ foot rod with a slower action works best. This allows the rod to load up as the angler reels up tight and sets the hook. Baitcasting reels also offer more power and faster retrieve ratios. Spinning tackle can be used with smaller chattterbaits.

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Chatterbait fishing video

Best times and spots for chatterbaits

Chatterbaits are an excellent search bait, especially in fairly shallow water. This means that spring is a great time of year to use them. Chatterbaits can be effective most of the year, as long as it does not get too cold. The presentation is a bit too aggressive when fish are lethargic in colder water.

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These fishing lures work great around vegetation and other types of cover. For many anglers, they are replacing spinnerbaits. In reality, a chatterbait will work well in any situation that an angler would use a spinnerbait. They also are productive in most water clarity conditions. Silver blades and white skirts are a good choice in clear water. Darker colors work best in darker water. Green pumpkin is an excellent all-round color.

Z-Man Original Chatterbait

original chatterbait

The Z-Man Original Chatterbait is the lure that started the chatterbait revolution. They took a swim jig and added a blade in the front. The result is a lure that combines a spinnerbait, jig, spoon, and crankbait all in one unit. The lure has a removable rubber skirt so that anglers can use a soft plastic body instead. It is a very economical bait. It is a very economical bait. It is available in ¼, 3/8, and ½ ounce sizes in 28 colors.

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Z-Man Chatterbait Elite

elite chatterbait

The Z-man Original Chatterbait Elite is an upgraded version of the original with a slightly higher price tag. It features a thicker, non-painted blade, upgraded hook and hardware, airbrushed head and hand-painted skirt. It is available in 11 colors and 3/8 and ½ ounce sizes.

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Strike King Thunder Cricket

Thunder Cricket

The Strike King Thunder Cricket was designed by the Strike King pro staff of expert anglers. It includes a unique head design and has quality components. A wire keeper helps hold soft plastic trailers on the hook better. It is available in 3/8, ½, 5/8, and ¾ ounce sizes in 10 different colors.

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Z-Man Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer

The Strike King Jack Hammer Chatterbait is a premier bait at a higher cost. It is favored by many pro bass anglers. It features a specially designed head with a low center of gravity and special grooves. It has a thin but strong blade, premium skirt, and a double wire keeper to hold the trailer in place. It is available in 4 sizes; 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 1/4 ounce sizes and in 18 colors.

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Strike King Rage Blade

rage blade

The Strike King Rage Blade has a very unique design. The head is incorporated into the blade. This results is a terrific action along with a better hookup ratio and fewer snags. The twin tail trailers add action as well. It is available in 3/8 and ½ ounce sizes and 8 different colors.

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Booyah Melee Chatterbait

Booyah chatterbait

The Booyah Mellee Chatterbait is a great choice when anglers want to work the bait a bit deeper and over heavy cover. It features a uniquely designed head that keeps the bait down in the water column while putting out an enticing vibration and action. It is available in 3/8 ounce and ½ ounce sizes in 9 colors.

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Z-Man DieZel Chatterbait


The Z-Man DieZel Chatterbait is a favorite among saltwater anglers. It comes with a soft plastic swim bait instead of a rubber skirt. This bait is also made of the the strongest possible components, making it durable enough for saltwater fishing. It comes in one size, ¼ ounce, and 8 colors, though anglers can use and bait that they want.

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Terminator Shuddering Bait

Terminator Shuddering

The Terminator Shuddering Bait has a very unique design. The blade is as much a popper as a vibrating blade, pushing water aside as it moves through. The lip also produces a very erratic side to side action. It is built from premium components and comes in 3/8 and1/2 ounce sizes in 9 colors.

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Z-Man Project Z Chatterbait

project Z

The Z-Man Project Z Chatterbait has a bit more bulk than other baits. It has a thick, double skirt along with a high quality jig head that is double painted with realistic eyes. Of course, it has the action and vibration that Z-Man baits are known for as well. Anglers can get this lure in 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ounce sizes in 10 colors.

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Picasso Shock Blade Pro


The Picasso Shock Blade Pro was designed by pro bass angler Aaron Martens. It was built to be a sleek bait which can be worked faster than other chatterbaits. It cuts through grass and over structure better than other baits. It has quality components and a double keeper for trailers. It is available in 3/8 ounce and ½ ounce sizes in 26 different color combinations.

Z-man Micro Chatterbait

Z-Man micro

The Z-Man Micro Chatterbait is simply a smaller version of the original design. It is perfect for clear water and when a more subtle presentation is required. It comes in a 1/8 ounce size and is available in 4 color patterns.

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In conclusion, this article on the best 11 chatterbait fishing lures will help anglers choose the correct chatterbait for his or her fishing situation!



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