Best 11 Buzzbaits -Terrific Bass Fishing Lures

Best 11 Buzzbaits – Terrific Bass Fishing Lures

This article will list the best 11 buzzbaits. Buzzbaits are unusual baits. They are a combination of a spinnerbait and a top water lure. The bait is reeled across the surface using a steady retrieve, with the buzzbait putting out a fish an enticing gurgling noise. For the most part, they are used by freshwater anglers.

best 13 buzzbaits

The best 11 buzzbaits are;

  • Booyah Buzz
  • War Eagle buzzbait
  • Strike King Premier Plus buzzbait
  • Terminator Original Titanium buzzbait
  • Lunker Lure buzzbait
  • Strike King Buzz King
  • Megabass Jamaica Boa buzzbait
  • Tackle HD Worldwide Buzzer
  • Strike King Swinging Sugar buzzbait
  • Strike King Spot Tail Special buzzbait
  • Molix Lover Buzz

Buzzbaits are mostly used in shallow water situations when fish are fairly active. The prime time to use a buzz bait would be from spring through early fall. Generally speaking, this is when bass and other species will be found in shallow cover near the shoreline as well as in submerged vegetation.

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In most cases, buzzbaits are not a great choice when the water gets cold. This is a fairly aggressive presentation and tends to not be as productive when fish are less active. The one exception to this might be anglers targeting northern pike and musky. Both of these fish will readily hit a buzzbait and thrive in cold water environments.

Best rod and reel for buzzbait fishing

Buzzbaits are fairly heavy for the most part and require a reasonably fast retrieve. For these reasons, bait casting tackle is better suited for casting these lures than is spinning tackle. Bait casting reels have a faster retrieve ratio for the most part, making it easier to retrieve the bait quickly over the course of the day. They also give anglers a lot of power to pull a big fish out from heavy weeds or heavy cover.

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Spinning reels can certainly be used when casting buzzbaits. However, they just require a bit more effort. In either case, the rod should be a 7 foot to 7 1/2 foot model with a medium heavy action and a fast action with a fairly soft tip. This will allow for long casts and good power when setting the hook on a nice fish.

Fishing with buzzbaits is easy and productive

One great advantage of buzzbait fishing is that it is quite easy to do. All an angler needs to do is make a long cast and retrieve the lure steadily over the surface of the water. It does take a bit of experience to learn the perfect cadence. When properly retrieved, the buzzbait will emit a rhythmic gurgling noise. This, along with the action of the skirt, will elicit strikes from largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike, musky, and other species.

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As mentioned above, for the most part this is a shallow water pattern. Prime spots would be any type of shoreline cover such as fallen trees, boat docks, riprap, and any type of vegetation. Buzzbaits work extremely well when fished over top of submerged vegetation, no matter what the water depth. Fish will blowup on the lure out of the grass and some very exciting strikes!

Buzzbait options

There are several different styles of buzzbaits, though they all work the same. Most have a single blade, but there are tandem blade it baits as well. The majority of buzzbaits are the safety pin type, similar to spinnerbaits. However, anglers can purchase in-line buzzbaits as well. Finally, buzzbaits are available with or without a clatter, which hits the blade and adds extra noise.

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Best 11 buzzbaits

Anglers have quite a few choices when it comes to selecting buzzbaits. While all are similar, there are some differences that perhaps make one a better choice than the other. The best 11 buzzbaits will be listed below.

Booyah Buzz

booyah buzz

The Booyah Buzz is a clack or style buzzbait. It is available in three different sizes and five different colors. It features a quality jig head with red eyes and layered to gills along with an enticing rubber skirt. It is a quality bait made with premium components and is available in three sizes, 1/4 once, 3/8 ounce, and 1/2 ounce and several colors. It is first on the list of the best 11 buzzbait fishing lures.

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War Eagle buzzbait

war eagle buzzbait

War Eagle buzzbaits are a relatively new entry into the marketplace and are next on the list of the best 11 buzzbait fishing lures. The bait features a flat headed jig head which allows the Lord to get up on the surface quickly. They are available in three different sizes and multiple combinations of blade and skirt colors. War Eagle buzzbaits also feature easy to replace skirts.

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Strike King Premier Plus buzzbait

strike king buzzbait

The Strike King Premier Plus buzzbait is available to anglers in two different sizes, 3/8 ounce and 1/2 ounce models. This is a double bladed buzzbait with counterrotating blades that allow the lure to get to the surface quickly and remain there on a slower retrieve. The bait also has a high quality skirt with a trailer already added for angler convenience.

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Terminator Original Titanium buzzbait

terminator buzzbait

The Terminator brand has been long known for their titanium wire frames which bounce back into shape after hanging up or catching a big fish. It has a specially designed cup blade for extra noise and commotion. The upturned head allows it to walk over submerged trees and other obstructions. It is a premium lure and is in the medium price range. It is available and one quarter ounce and 3/8 ounce sizes and several different colors. It is fourth on the list of the best 11 buzzbait fishing lures.

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Lunker Lure buzzbait

lunker lure buzzbait

The Lunker Lure buzzbait is a simple buzzbait built in the classic design. They are available in four different sizes and a half dozen color patterns. The blade colors are specifically designed to match skirt and the body. It is a modestly priced lower that performs well. The long lower arm and extended hook result in an excellent hookup ratio.

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Strike King Buzz King

strike king buzzbait

The Strike King Buzz King is the best small buzzbait on the market. It is available in 3/16 ounce and 5/16 ounce models. It features a single three bladed prop which quickly comes to the surface and works well at a slower retrieve. The elongated head and quality skirt also add to these finesse aspects of this lure.

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Megabass Jamaica Boa buzzbait

megabass buzzbait

The Megabass Jamaica Boa buzzbait is a premium, high quality lure and comes with the fairly hefty price tag. It is seventh on the list of the best 11 buzzbait fishing lures. However, many anglers consider it worth the cost. It is a half ounce, single bladed lure that features a special a sonic rattle in the head. It also uses stiffer wire than many other buzzbaits. It is available in eight different colors.

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Booyah Counter Strike Buzz

booyah buzzbait

The Booyah Counter Strike Buzz is a tandem bladed buzzbait. A lot of effort was put into the head and skirt of the bait to give it a lifelike appearance. It is 3/8 of an ounce in weight and is available in six different color patterns. This is an excellent choice for anglers looking for a bait that stands out when it comes to putting out extra noise and commotion.

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Tackle HD Worldwide Buzzer

tackle hd buzzbait

The Tackle HD Worldwide Buzzer is a unique buzzbait. It features a flat head and a large, over-sized blade. The blade is actually designed to hit a channel in the head, providing an extra clacking sound. Anglers can easily bend the head away from the blade to avoid this extra sound when a less aggressive presentation is required. It is available and 3/8 ounce and 1/2 ounce models and 10 color combinations.

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Strike King Swinging Sugar buzzbait

strike king buzzbait

The Strike King Swinging Sugar buzzbait is an excellent choice when fish are in an especially aggressive mood. This buzzbait has more action than others as the jig head and hooks are attached with a swivel, allowing the head and skirt to swing around in a very enticing action. It is available and one quarter ounce, 3/8 ounce and 1/2 ounce models in several color combinations.

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Strike King Spot Tail Special

strike king spot tail

The Strike King Spot Tail Special buzzbait is an in-line buzzbait. It features a weighted warm hook which is adorned with a soft plastic trailer. It is an excellent lure for shallow water redfish but will certainly catch freshwater species as well. It is tenth on the list of the best 11 buzzbait fishing lures.

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Molix Lover Buzz

molix buzzbait

The Molix Lover Buzz is an excellent choice when fish are less aggressive. This bait is a bit smaller at one quarter ounce and has an in-line design. It is a premium bait at a premium price. It was designed by legendary bass angler Ike Iaconelli. It uses very high quality components and has an excellent finish, including a 3D eye. Due to its design, it casts well, again making it an excellent choice in clear water or when fish are finicky.

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In conclusion, this article on the best 11 buzzbait fishing lures will help anglers choose the best bait for their fishing situation and catch more fish using this exciting angling technique!


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