Bikini Fishing Women, Pictures and Video

Bikini Fishing Women, pictures and Video

There are many female anglers who enjoy the sport of fishing. Many prefer to fish in a Bikini when it is warm. This post will feature terrific Bikini fishing women from all over the United States. Where applicable, their social media pages will be included.


Bikini fishing women

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Candice is just a country girl from Florida. She enjoys all types of fishing in both freshwater and saltwater. Candice has fished with Capt Jim a bunch of times and has caught just about every species that is available on the West Coast of Florida.

Bikini fishing

A lot of the fishing here in Florida involves drifting the grass flats for a variety of species.


Bikini fishing

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Bonnie is another angler from Sarasota who has fished with Capt Jim many times. She is an excellent anglers who has caught a lot of nice fish.

Bikini fishing


top freshwater fish species

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Happy lives in Tennessee and focuses mostly on striped bass in area lakes, though she does catch other species a likes to travel and fish as well.

fishing in a Bikini


Top Sarasota species

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Adria lives in Venice, Florida and also is a licensed captain who runs offshore charters for bottom fish and pelagic species such as king and Spanish mackerel.

Bikini fishing


striped bass fishing tips and spots

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Jacki lives in South Carolina and focuses mostly on striped bass in Lake Murray. She does catch some other species as well and like to travel to Florida with her husband and family.

fishing in Bkinis


Joanna is a dedicated angler from the Northeast. She worked on a fluke article and fishes for other species as well.


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Sarasota Spanish mackerel fishing

Jess lived in Florida and fished with Capt Jim quite a bit before moving to Tennessee to raise her family.

best redfish lures

Species, pictures and video

There are many excellent game fish species that anglers can catch throughout the country. In this section we will list as many as possible along with pictures and video.


best live baits for saltwater fishing in Florida

Snook are the premier inshore species in Florida. They are a hard-fighting fish that grow quite large. Snook are caught by anglers using lures, live bait, and fly fishing.

Sarasota game fish species

Anglers can read more about fishing for snook here.

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Top Florida saltwater game fish

Big snook are often caught in inlets and passes. Docks and bridges hold them as well.

fishing in a Bikini

live bait fishing in Florida

Mangrove shorelines are good spots to fish for snook.

fishing in Bikinis

Striped Bass

top Tennessee game fish species

Striped bass, or stripers, are a very popular species. They are a bit unusual in that they thrive in both fresh and salt waters. They have been stocked in many large lakes and do very well.

fishing inlets

Kirsten fishes for striped bass in New Jersey

umbrella rig for stripers

Freshwater lakes provide excellent striped bass fishing.

Tennessee striped bass fishing

Read more about fishing for striped bass here.

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Speckled trout

Sarasota fishing charters

Speckled trout, also known as spotted sea trout, are an extremely popular inshore saltwater game fish. They are a beautiful fish that strike hard and put up a decent little fight. They can be taken on a variety of baits and techniques.

top 8 Sarasota fish species

Read more about fishing for speckled trout here

Sarasota fishing report

Jigs and soft plastic lures are excellent and productive lures for speckled trout fishing.

Florida saltwater fishing in winter

Learn some spotted sea trout fishing tips!

Bikini fishing

The jig and grub combo is without a doubt the number one artificial lure for catching spotted sea trout.

best 12 spotted sea trout fishing lures

Speckled trout feed on shrimp and other crustaceans, which jigs realistically mimic.

speckled trout


fishing for bluefish

Bluefish are a hard-fighting game fish species that are found along the coast from Texas to Maine. Here in Florida, they run a bit smaller than those from the northeast. However, they are great fun on light tackle.

Florida saltwater fishing in spring

Lures are very productive as they appeal to the aggressive nature of bluefish.

fishing for bluefish

Bluefish are often caught in passes and inlets.

Read a detailed article on fishing for bluefish.

Florida bluefish


pompano fishing in Florida

Pompano are a small, but herd fighting and delicious game fish species. They are found along the coast lines of both the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

fly fishing Sarasota Bay

Learn more about pompano fishing here.

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Jigs are very effective pompano fishing lures as they realistically mimic the small crustaceans that pompano feed on.

best pompano fishing lure

Spanish mackerel

top 8 Sarasota fish species

Spanish mackerel are a terrific inshore game fish! They are a gorgeous fish that hits hard and is very fast. They are also good to eat when properly prepared.

Sarasota Spanish mackerel fishing

Spanish mackerel are caught by anglers both from boats and the shore. They will run along the surf on both coasts.

Florida Spanish mackerel fishing

Trolling is an excellent method to catch Spanish mackerel. It allows anglers to cover a lot of water in search of fish.

trolling for mackerel

Spanish mackerel fishing tips!

Spoons are the top trolling lures.

Spanish mackerel fishing in Florida

Many Spanish Mackerel are caught by anglers casting jigs and live bait for other species on the grass flats.

Sarasota fishing report

Crappie, bluegill, and panfish

fishing for crappie

Crappie are a very popular freshwater species. They are the largest member of the ‘panfish” family. While not terrific battlers, they are fun to catch and great eating.

Bikini fishing for crappie

Panfish and crappie are caught by anglers using small artificial lures as well as live bait.

Best 9 bluegill and panfish fishing lures

There are several different species of panfish such as bluegill, redear, and other sunfish that are great fun on light tackle.

fishing for bluegill

Here is a comprehensive article on fishing for crappie, bluegill, and panfish.



redear sunfish


best redfish fishing tackle

Redfish are another very popular inshore saltwater species that are found along the coast from Texas to the mid Atlantic.

redfish lures

Redfish are caught in the inshore bays in quite shallow water. Inlets and passes will hold them as well. Surf anglers catch them off the beaches.

redfish lures

Mangrove shorelines are good spots to try for redfish, too.

fishing for redfish

King mackerel

Bradenton fishing forecast

Check out more info on king mackerel fishing.

king mackerel fishing in Florida

Sarasota offshore fishing

king mackerel fishing

More Bikini fishing women

Here are a few more miscellaneous pictures of some of our excellent anglers!

Top 8 SArasota fish species

Small snook for Candice

top 8 Sarasota fish species

Mangrove snapper on live bait for Candice

fishing for jack crevalle

Jack crevalle can be caught in creeks and rivers in cooler months.

top 25 Florida game fish

gag grouper fishing tackle

Juvenile tarpon are caught in backwater areas and are great sport on light tackle.

Florida king mackerel fishing

False albacore put up a fantastic battle!

Lake Murray catfish

Nice catfish for Jacki!

Jacksonville fishing

Fun sized shark for Laura.

fishing for ladyfish in Florida

Ladyfish on fly for Candice.

fishing for ladyfish in Florida

Ladyfish are plentiful in the passes.

best shark bait

Big shark in the surf!

Happy catches catfish, too!

grouper fishing

Big red grouper for Captain Adria!

best striped bass lures

Nice pair of hybrid stripers for Happy.


Flounder for dinner for Kirsten!

fishing for redfish

Small redfish for Paige.

Jess with a North Dakota walleye.

Miss Candice catching up the bluegill.

Bikini fishing

Happy with a good eating sized walleye.

bass fishing

Occasionally, Happy fools a largemouth bass.


Happy in her happy place!


jack crevalle fishing

Big jack for Miss Bonnie in a Florida river.

Mackerel on fly

Spanish mackerel off the beach on the fly rod.


Candice waiting for a bite.


Decent Florida bluefish.

fishing for sheepshead

Nice sheepshead in the pass for Candice.

pompano on the boat

Pompano and the boat.

Spanish mackerel

Spanish mackerel on a Rapala for Jess.

mangrove snapper fishing

In conclusion, enjoy these pictures and video in this fishing article highlighting Bikini fishing women!













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