5 Great Fishing Hot Spots in Yorkshire

5 Great Fishing Hot Spots in Yorkshire

Spending hours and hours out on the lakes or at the side of riverbanks fishing can be a rewarding experience, a place to feel calm and peaceful but most of all – to get your best catch of the day! As much as fishing is relaxing, it’s also thrills seeking. Some other reasons to go fishing are for wonderful health benefits, stress relief, socializing and being out in the fresh air. We are going to explore plenty of options where you can experience this yourself here in Yorkshire.

fishing in Yorkshire

  1. Pool Bridge Farm, York, North Yorkshire
    Pool Bridge Farm in Yorkshire is a well-established carp fishery, caravan and campsite located near just 4 miles south of York city center in the quiet village of Crockey Hill and run by the Fletcher family. With 5 lakes for coarse fishing, this certainly comes in at number one on our list of hot spots! Surrounded by stunning lakes with well-stocked with carp – it’s a place most Yorkshire fisherman want to visit.

The Pool Bridge fishing lake was built is 2008 and has become a beautiful and mature place to fish. The fishing lake has been made to allow both keen anglers and amateur fishers to fish from the central island, ensuring that peg conflict is at a minimum as anglers are fishing away from each other rather than towards each other, as found on traditionally designed lakes. Away from the hustle and bustle city life, you can be sure to have a quiet and peaceful day in this rural setting.

  1. Oakland Waters, Goole, East Yorkshire

This family-run fishery is set in twelve acres of stunning Yorkshire countryside. With two mixed coarse lakes, Horseshoe and Round lake, as well as another two lakes for roadside carp fishing and a specimen fishing, they really have made sure every aspect of fishing is covered.

It has been said that “the owners are the nicest people you could ever meet” and that the water “is epic to fish in – it’s like no other!”.

Located in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, Oakland Waters is set surrounded by tree-lined greenery between the villages of Hensall and Gowdall. There is a fantastic selection of fish to be had here, we’ll let you discover those!

On a side note – if your making a day of it, there is delicious sandwiches and breakfasts on offer at a cracking price…

  1. Woodland Lakes, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

Woodland Lakes in Thirsk is a stunning picturesque coarse fishing lake set in a whopping 45 acres of landscaped North Yorkshire Countryside. Being one of the biggest fisheries here in the UK, it’s known that they have thirteen well stocked lakes containing many varieties of carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch, barbel and golden orfe.

This is a stunning location has everything at hand including a great tackle shop and beautiful scenery. All in all, it’s set to be a great days angling.

Thirsk is a lovely small market town close to the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors offering a quiet, laid back day out fishing. Wookland Lakes cater for pleasure anglers, club match anglers and open match anglers – what more could one fisherman want?

  1. Birkwood Fisheries, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

When visiting Birkwood, you can be sure of a friendly welcome. Situated in Altofts near Normanton, only 3 miles from Wakefield and 6 miles from the city center of Leeds. This complex currently has 5 lakes: Main Lake, Frog Hall, Molly’s Lake, Oscar’s Lake and Emily’s Lake and the total number of fishing stations is now in excess of 100 – WOW!

Top Yorkshire fishing spots

With fishing from dusk to dawn, anglers can often catch up to 25lb carp at Birkwood.

Yes, your heard that right – 25lb carp!

Imagine this… Wonderful lakes, friendly owners, great fish… what’s not to like? Fishing is surely one of the most accessible outdoor sports of today. In fact, anyone could easily participate in this activity, whatever fitness ability, and age are. This sport is no longer only for just the big boys club – it’s been said that Birkwood is also fantastic for little fishers trying to get a bite too!

  1. Forest Lane Fishery, Alne, North Yorkshire

Located near the village of Alne just off from York, Forest Lane Fishery and three stocked out lakes open from 7am for the early birds to 6pm. From afternoon to early evening, the deeper water begins to cool, and the fish swim up toward the surface for warmer water. Anglers find fishing excellent during this time period, and the chances of a bite are huge!

Forest Lane is a mixed fishery so don’t be surprised at what you catch. It has great stock of the usual fish such as Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, Crucian Carp, Ghost Carp, Chub and also others such as Barbel, Pure Koi, Pink and blue Orfe and often Goldfish up to a pound.

Forest Lane have some fantastic facilities which include a newly built cafe offering a full English breakfast, hot and cold drinks, confectionery and a fantastic selection of baits.

Top 10 Reasons to Go Fishing:

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Socializing
  3. Supports Wildlife & Fisheries
  4. Health Benefits, especially heart health
  5. Thrills Seeking
  6. Becoming one with nature
  7. Improves Balance
  8. Encourages traveling
  9. Bestows Patients
  10. To get away from the Mrs

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