22 Foot Bay Boat Comparison

22 Foot Bay Boat Comparison for 2021

This article will be a 22 foot bay boat comparison. There are a lot of choices in larger bay boats, in the 24-25 foot range, as they are quite popular of late. However, when I was shopping for a boat, I found that there were less options for slightly smaller boats. Some very well known brands no longer offer a model in the 22 foot size range. Therefore, I thought I would write a post listing these options.

22 foot bay boat comparison

Bay boats have similar qualities, including decks fore and aft, plenty of storage, big live wells, run fairly shallow but are still safe to run offshore or nearshore on a good day. They also have lower gunnels so that anglers can use a bow mount trolling motor. For the most part, the layouts are very similar. Specifications will be included where possible. Each boat has a link to the manufacturers website for more information.

My name is Capt Jim Klopfer and I run fishing charters in Sarasota, Florida. As any experienced boater realizes, every boat is a compromise. I wanted a bay boat in the 21-22 foot range, light enough to run on a 150 and light enough that a single axle trailer would be adequate. I mostly fish inshore, so room, draft, and stability were more important than a great ride in rough water.

22 foot bay boat comparison

The best 22 foot bay boat (for me) is the Stott Craft 2160

After much research, I settled on the Stott Craft 2160 bay boat. Stott Craft is a small company near Ocala, Florida. They build to suit and sell directly to the customer, which results in significant savings. It is light, very stable and roomy, runs fine with a 150 Yamaha, has plenty of cushioned seating, has plenty of storage, and is very easy to clean and maintain. It is a simple, functional fishing boat, which is exactly what I needed.

This boat solves a couple of problems that I see in bay boats; too much deck and too large a console. One thing that I really like is the small console. In my opinion, too many bay boats have these huge consoles, which waste space. Also, the boat has roomy fore and aft casting decks, yet still a ton of space in the floor of the boat. Many of my clients are not comfortable standing up higher. The downside is the ride, it is flat and pounds a bit in a stiff chop. However, for what I do stability and room are more important.


  • O/A Length …… 21’6″
  • Beam …………. 7’9″
  • Draft ………….. 10″
  • Dry Weight …… 1650lbs
  • Transom Height . 25″
  • Maximum Load . 1900lbs
  • Persons ……….. 7
  • HP Rating …….. 115-200
  • Fuel Capacity … 59gal

Cost with a boat, 150 hp motor, and trailer is $35,000

22 foot bay boat comparison

bay boat comparison

While shopping for my boat, I ran across many other options. Full disclosure, I have not owner them and have only been in a couple. Therefore, this list is based on research, not practical experience. However, hopefully it will save other anglers a little time in their boat shopping process. Prices vary so much and most dealers do not list them. Therefore, unless easily obtained, anglers will have to get their own prices.

The list of 22′ bay boats is

  • Stott Craft 2160

  • Key West 210 Bay Reef

  • Pathfinder 2200 TRS

  • Bulls Bay 2200

  • Sportsman Tournament 214

  • Yellowfin 21

  • Bay Blue Wave 2200 PureBay

  • Canyon Bay 22B

  • Dusky 218 RL

  • Action Craft 2110 Bay

  • Robalo 226 Cayman

  • Sea Born FX 22

  • Frontier 2104

  • Sea Hunt BX 22

  • Skeeter SX 210

  • Sea Pro 228

  • Tidewater 2110 Bay Max

  • Hill Tide 22

  • Carolina Skiff 21 LS

  • Sea Chaser 21 LX

  • NauticStar 215 Bay

  • Wellcraft 221 Bay

  • Blackjack 224

  • Blazer Bay 2200

Key West 210 Bay Reef

I am listing the Key West 210 Bay Reef next since I am familiar with the line. I owned two 196 Bay Reef boats, and liked them a lot. It is a quality boat with a lot of extras. It does have a lot of decking along with good storage. It is heavier, which requires a larger engine and trailer. The cost is higher as well. It rides very well but not as shallow. This is a great boat for anglers mixing up inshore and nearshore fishing.


  • Length: 21’1″
  • Weight: 1900 lbs
  • Boat Capacity: 7 ppl
  • Fuel Capacity: 50 gal
  • Maximum HP: 250 HP
  • Recommended HP: 150-200 HP
  • Dead Rise: 19°
  • Draft: 12″
  • Beam: 8′
  • Transom: 25″

Pathfinder 2200 TRS

2022 Pathfinder 2200 TRS

Pathfinder boats are very popular in Florida and all along the coast. They are a highly desired brand with excellent resale value. The 2200 TRS is their entry in the 22 foot range. It is a bit heavy, but is wide and still floats fairly shallow for a boat of it’s size. It is an excellent all round boat.

2200 TRS Specifications

22 ft 01 in LOA
8 ft 06 in Beam
11 in Draft
2,850 lbs (w/ F150) Weight (approx. with engine)
55 gal Fuel capacity
15 deg Deadrise
250 hp Maximum HP
7 persons or 1,400 lbs Maximum Capacities

Ranger 2260 Bay Boat

Ranger is a recognized brand among freshwater anglers, particularly bass fishermen. However, they offer a high quality series of saltwater bay boats as well. The Ranger 2260 is their smallest bay boat, and kind of pushes the limits of a 22 foot bay boat, it is large and a tad heavy. However, it is a high quality boat with a lot of standard features.

Hull Length 21’5″
Beam 101″
Max. Recommended HP (HP) 200
Engine Shaft Length 25″
Inside Depth 19″
Draft (Engine, Bait, Fuel, Accessories) 12″
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 49
Livewell Capacity (gal.) 18
Baitwell Capacity (gal.) 19
Total Person, Motor, Gear (lbs.) 1700
Approximate Boat Weight (Add 300lbs for T-Top) (lbs.) 2600
Rod Box Length – Port 9’0″
Max. Person Capacity (persons) 7

Bulls Bay 2200


Bulls Bay offers anglers the 2200, which is a good value in the 22 foot bay boat market. It has a similar design to most bay boats, is beamy with a lot of storage. This boat comes in at a little lower price point than some of the other more high end boats.


US Metric21′ 8″Centerline Hull Length . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

8′ 6″Beam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

12″Draft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

15°Dead Rise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

25″Transom Height . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2200 lbsDry Weight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

52 galUsable Fuel Capacity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

9 People or 1300 lbsPassenger Capacity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

200 hpMaximum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sportsman Tournament 214 bay boat

Large detail image of the Tournament 214 SBX Bay Boat

Sportsman offers anglers a quality boat at a reasonable cost in their Tournament 214 bay boat. They offer 2 versions, the standard SBX and the 214, which has a few more options. This is a really nice boat that is not quite as large as some other 22 foot bay boat models. It is perfect for anglers who mix in a little freshwater fishing with their inshore saltwater action.


21′ 4″
8′ 0″
Max Horsepower
Fuel Tank Capacity 64 gal.
Approx. Usable Fuel Capacity 60 gal.
Freshwater Tank Capacity* 13 gal.
Rear Livewell 20 gal.
Console Cooler/Livewell 40 qt. (10 gal.)
Draft (up) 10″
Deadrise at Transom 15°
Approx. Dry Weight 2,150 lbs.
Person Capacity 7
Approx. Bridge Clearance w/ Top 5′ 5″

Yellowfin 21 bay

The Yellowfin 21 Bay boat is a very high quality boat with a price tag to match. They are made here in my home town of Sarasota, and I see quite a few of them around. It is an excellent boat for anglers who can afford one. They provide a great ride while still getting fairly shallow.


  • Length: 21’9″
  • Beam: 7’9″
  • Draft: 13″ (loaded)
  • Weight: 2,525 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: 50 Gallons
  • Power: Single Outboard (350 HP Max-Verado Only)

Blue Wave 2200 PureBay boat

2200 PureBay

The Blue Wave 2200 PureBay is a nice sized bay boat at 21′ 4” and 1700 pounds. It is also modestly priced and is a versatile boat for inshore fishing and running the beach close to shore on a good day. A friend of mine owns one and likes it, saying it is a good boat for the money.

Canyon Bay 22b bay boat

The Canyon Bay 22B is another high end bay boat. It is a quality product with a matching cost. There are not a ton of these around, but they are a sought after boat for inshore and nearshore fishing.

65 GAL
2,000 LB
115-200 HP

Dusky 218 RL bay boat

Dusky Marine is located in south Florida and like Stott Craft, they sell directly to the public, reducing the coast. The Dusky 218RL is a simple, uncluttered boat that works well in a variety of fishing situations. It is available with or without their signature bracket. This is a very versatile boat for the money that is easy to clean and maintain.


LOA: 21′ 8″
Beam: 8′ 2″
Draft: 12″ (hull only)
Deadrise: 20º
Hull weight (approx.): 2000 lbs.
Max HP: 175
Std. Fuel capacity: 60 Gal.

Action Craft 2110 Bay

2002 Action Craft Coastal Bay Boat 2110 w/ 150 hp Mercury & Trailer - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum


Action Craft has a well-earned reputation when it comes to flats boats, but they also offer anglers options for bay boats as well. The Action Craft 2110 bay is a nice boat that is on the smaller size, making it excellent for most inshore fishing applications. It is a great boat for running the beach as well.


Centerline Length 21′ – 2″
Beam 8′ – 6″
Hull Draft (depends on load) 10″ – 12″
Weight (fiberglass parts) 1850 lbs
Cockpit Size 135″ x 82″
Maximum HP 250 HP
Transom Height 25″
Fuel Capacity 75 Gallons
Deadrise (degrees @ transom) 17°

Robalo 226 Cayman bay boat

Robalo is a well respected boat dealer that offers several bot lines, including bay boats. The Rabolo 226 Cayman is a big, heavy boat at 22’6” with an 8′ 6” beam and weighing in at 3400 pounds. They do offer a smaller version, the 206 Cayman. These really push the term “bay boat” but I thought I would include it.

Sea Born FX 22 bay boat

Sea Born FX24 Bay Boat

Sea Born has another entry in the 22 foot bay boat market with the Sea Born FX 22. Anglers can choose from two different floor plans, one with more seating and the other more livewell space. It is a quality and versatile fishing boat.





Max. Power (HP)


Fuel Capacity

50 Gallons (Approx)




2,000 Lbs.

Frontier 2104 bay boat

Frontier Boats Research


The Frontier 2104 is a very nicely designed fishing boat with a lot of practical features, but with a very reasonable price tag. It is light enough to sit on a single axle trailer and runs great with a 150 HP engine. The company has not been around a long time, but offers a nice entry into this market, especially for the price.


  • Beam:8’3″
  • Draft:10-12″
  • Fuel Cap: 50 gal
  • Hull Weight:1795 lbs
  • Boat Length:21’4″

Sea Hunt Bx 22 br bay boat


Sea Hunt also has an offering in the 22 foot bay boat market with their Sea Hunt BX 22 BR bay boat. It is on the heavier side and best for anglers who fish the nearshore or offshore waters as much as the inside bays. It won’t get as skinny as other boats due to the size. However, it is a good all round fishing and family boat.

BX 22 BR specifications

Approx. Dry Weight
2,700 lbs
Maximum HP
53 Gallons
Dead Rise
Transom: 15 Degrees
Midship: 20 Degrees
​Entry: 50 Degrees

Skeeter SX 210 bay boat

2021 Skeeter SX210 Bay Boat For Sale profile image.

Skeeter is another well known freshwater brand that has entered the saltwater market. They sell a nice model in the 22 foot bay boat range with their Skeeter SX 210 bay boat. It is a quality boat at a mid range price with a lot of storage, bait wells, and comfortable seating. A couple guide buddies of mine have them and they really like them.


Length on Trailer (Towing Length) 29′ 5″
Length on Trailer (with Motor in Towing Position and Swing-Away Tongue Folded) 26′ 7″
Length on Trailer w/Motor Trimmed Vertical w/Swing-Away Tongue Folded (shortest length) 25′ 8″
Width on Trailer 102″
Boat Length 21′ 6″
Beam 98″
Engine Shaft Length 25″
Max. Height on Trailer (Console Rail Folded) 85″
Max. Height on Trailer (Console Rail Up) 104″
Interior Depth (at console) 18″
Draft 10″
Standard Boat Weight 2300 lbs.
Max. H.P. 200 h.p

Sea Pro 228 Bay Series

The Sea Pro 228 Bay Series is a nice, mid sized bay boat that is versatile and has a price range in the middle of the market. It is a tad big, but they also offer a smaller 20 foot model. It is a decent boat at a reasonable price for anglers who do a nice mix of inshore, nearshore, and family fishing.


Length 22’ 8”

Beam 8’ 4”

Fuel 61 gal.

Max h.p. 250 h.p.

Live well (2ea.) 16 gal.

Deadrise @ Transom 15°

Draft 12”

Fish Box 150 qt.

Cooler 40 qt.

Dry Weight (w/o motor) 2,325 lbs.

Tidewater 2110 Bay Max

The Tidewater 2110 Bay Max is an entry level bay boat that gets anglers out on the water at a very affordable price. The boat is pretty bare bones, but there are a lot of options available at additional costs.


  • Centerline

    21′ 6″

  • Beam

    8′ 2″

  • Weight

    2100 lbs.


  • Fuel Capacity

    56 gal.


  • Max Hp

    200 HP


  • Deadrise At Transom


  • Livewell Capacities

    AFT: 20 gal.


  • Fishbox Capacities

    Forward 52 gal


Draft 12”

Fish Box 150 qt.

Cooler 40 qt.

Dry Weight (w/o motor) 2,325 lbs.

Hill Tide 22

The Hill Tide 22 is a very high end bay boat offered by Bonefish Boatworks. It is almost a very large flats boat and is a perfect boat for the shallow waters of Florida and the Gulf Coast. It has large decks, tons of storage and wells, and offers a nice, dry ride for a boat of this size. It is priced on the high side, but holds it’s value well.


Length                                                            22’

Beam                                                             8’7″

Transom Height                                               25”

Max Horsepower                                          300hp

Max Persons                                                      6

Draft                                                                9”

Fuel Capacity Standard                           44 gallons  

Fuel Capacity Optional                            63 gallons

Weight                                             2,200 pounds

Baitwell 1 Standard                                 20 gallons

Baitwell 1 Optional                                  35 gallons

Baitwell 2                                               25 gallons

Anchor Stock Width                                          22″

Gunnel Height                                                  17″              

Width on Trailer                                               10′ 

Length on Trailer                                              32′

Height on Trailer                                             7’6″

Carolina Skiff 21 LS


Carolina Skiff has been providing anglers with an affordable boating option for a long time. Their entry in the 22 bay boat category is the Carolina Skiff 21 LS. Like all of their boats, this is a practical, affordable, no frills boat that is easy to maintain and clean and gets the job done. It is a good all round family boat as well.

  • Length Over All:
    21’ft 1″in
  • Beam:
  • Gunnel Height:
  • Boat Weight:
  • Fuel Capacity:
  • Transom Size:
  • Draft (approx):
  • Maximum Weight:
  • Maximum Person:
  • Maximum HP:

Sea Chaser 21 LX

Sea Chaser 210 LX by Carolina Skiff - Florida Sportsman


The Sea Chaser 21 LX is a boat in the Carolina Skiff family. It is a reasonably priced boat at an entry level price. It does not have the fit and finish of other boats, but it does not have the price, either.

  • Length Over All:
    20’ft 7″in
  • Beam:
  • Boat Weight:
  • Fuel Capacity:
  • Transom Size:
  • Maximum HP:

NauticStar 215 Bay

The NauticStar 215 Bay is a versatile boat for anglers who put some emphasis on comfort and who do more than just fish. It is a versatile and comfortable boat in the mid price range. They also offer a tunnel version for more serious flats fishing.


21′ 2″



Standard HP (with BayStar Pro Hydraulic Steering)

150 HP

Maximum HP (with SeaStar Pro Hydraulic Steering)

200 HP

Transom Height


Approximate Draft


Deadrise @ Transom


Deadrise @ Entry


Approximate Boat Weight (Dry weight without motor or t-top)

1600 lb

*Fuel Capacity

59 Gal

In-Console Livewell/Baitwell

13 Gal

Rear Livewell

27 Gal

Bow Fish Box

30 Gal

Persons/Total Weight

8/1200 lb

Max Weight Capacity

1704 lb

Wellcraft 221Bay

Wellcraft 221 Fisherman (2016-) Captain's Report | BoatTEST


The Wellcraft 221 Bay is a bay boat, but is quite heavy with a deep draft. It is a good all-round boat for a variety of inshore fishing, but not the best choice for shallow water anglers. This is a very good family boat as it is dry and comfortable with a lot of available options.

Blackjack 224

The Blackjack 224 is a high quality bay boat that is priced accordingly. It offers a lot of space and a smooth dry ride, despite being fairly light for it’s size. It is an excellent all-round inshore and nearshore bay boat. Quite a few premium features are standard.

BlackJack 224 Specs

  • Center-Line Length: 22″ 4″
  • Overall Length: 23″ 1″
  • Beam: 8′ 3″
  • Draft: 12-14″ est
  • Engine Rating: 300 HP
  • Fuel Capacity: 70 gal
  • Hull Weight: 1950 lbs

Blazer Bay 2200


The Blazer Bay 2200 is a nice bay boat with a lot of standard features. It is moderately priced considering the quality and rigging. A ton of additional options are available. This is a nice boat from a family owned business.


Overall Length: 21 Feet 10 Inches

LOA W/ Trailer & Motor: 25 Feet 4 Inches

Beam (approx): 7 Feet 8 Inches

Draft Fully Loaded: 12 Inches

Dry Weight (approx): 1750 Pounds Boat Only

Maximum Capacity: 1250 Pounds

Persons Capacity: 8 (eight)

Maximum HP: 200

Recommended HP: 150

Minimum HP: 115

Transom Height: 25 Inches

Fuel Capacity: 49 Gallons

Dead rise At Transom: 17 Degrees

Interior Freeboard: 20 Inches

In conclusion, this 22 foot bay boat comparison article should help perspective anglers understand the options available to them.

Jim Klopfer

Capt Jim Klopfer has been a fishing guide in Sarasota, Florida since 1991. He grew up in Maryland, fishing the Chesapeake Bay waters. Capt Jim has been creating an writing articles about fishing for decades, contributing to many regional and national publications. He also lives part time in the North Carolina mountains where he fishes for trout and other species. Capt Jim Klopfer is a wel rounded angler with 50 years fishing experience, and he loves to share what he has learned with other anglers!

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