14 Essential Walleye Trolling Lures

14 Essential Walleye Trolling Lures

Trolling is an extremely effective fishing technique. Walleye in particular are mostly caught by anglers trolling, particularly in the Great Lakes region. However, there are specific lures that are more productive for anglers trolling for walleye.

walleye fishing tackle and lures

The 14 essential walleye trolling lures are;

  • Reef Runner 800 Series Deep Diver
  • Rapala Shad Rap
  • Bandit Walleye Deep Diver
  • Michigan Stinger Spoon
  • Bomber Long A
  • Storm Thunderstick
  • Rapala Husky Jerk
  • Moonshine Walleye Spoon
  • Cotton Cordell Wally Diver
  • Storm Hot N Tot
  • Erie Dearie
  • Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye
  • Northland Whistler
  • Hammer Time Walleye Spinner

Trolling is the act of slowly moving the boat while pulling lures behind. However, there is much more to it than that. Special equipment can be required, depending on the depth being fished. Speed, technique, and presentation are very important. Having the best lures is the first place to start.

walleye fishing, a beginners guide

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The main advantage in trolling is the ability to cover so much more water than anglers can casting or drifting. Also, multiple lures can be presented at one time in varying depths, colors, and sizes. This makes trolling a very productive and effective technique for a nomadic, bottom feeding species such as walleye.

walleye fishing



Walleye feed extensively on bait fish. Therefore, most of the lures designed for walleye trolling mimic this forage. Lures are available in many sizes and colors. Successful anglers choose a bait that resembles the forage that walleye are feeding on in their specific waters. Of course, there are days when a gaudy color and size will draw a strike.

14 Essential walleye trolling lures

The three basic types of walleye trolling lures are plugs, spinners, and spoons. Plugs are by far the most popular for a couple of reasons. Plugs can be purchased with lip sizes that result in them diving down to a determined depth. This means that anglers do not have to use other hardware such as downriggers and sinkers. Plugs are also available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

14 essential walleye trolling lures

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Spoons and spinners do have their place and are effective walleye trolling lures as well. Both require a method in which to get the lure down in the water column and down to the desired depth. This is most often accomplished using in-line weights, a downrigger, or a Dipsey Diver. One advantage of spoons and spinners when trolling for walleye is that other species, especially trout and salmon, are often taken on these lures.

Reef Runner 800 Series Deep Diver

reef runner plug

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Number one on the list of the 14 essential walleye trolling lures is the Reef Runner 800 Series Deep Diver. Reef Runner 800 Series Deep Divers are popular casting and deep-diving trolling lures. These Deep Divers are rattling minnow imitators designed to deliver a wide erratic swimming action. Reef Runner 800 Series Deep Divers have a long slender design with a rounded lip. This bait will dive down to 30 feet. They are available in a wide variety of color patterns.

Rapala Shad Rap

shad rap

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The Rapala Shad Rap is second on the list of 14 essential walleye trolling lures. This is a legendary bait that has been around for a very long time. It has a wider body than does many of the long slender banana style plugs such as the one listed above. This is an excellent lure to use when walleye are feeding on shad and other larger, wide profile forage species, including yellow perch.

walleye fishing tackle and lures

These baits are available in multiple sizes to cover the depths at which anglers will troll for walleye. The smaller #5 Shad Raps are excellent for trolling in shallow water between 4 feet deep and 8 feet deep in the spring. Larger models, all the way up to the #14 size, are used to get the bait down deeper in the summer. Anglers should match the color and size to the forage in the body of water being fished.

Bandit Walleye Deep Diver

walleye fishing

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The next bait on the list of 14 essential walleye trolling lures is the Bandit Walleye Deep Diver. This lure is long and slender and will exceed 30 feet in depth when trolled properly. It is four and three-quarter inches long and 5/8 of an ounce. This is a very effective bait with a dedicated following among anglers, and for good reason. They have been producing excellent catches of walleye for decades.

Michigan Stinger Spoon

walleye fishing

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The Michigan Stinger Spoon is the first spoon on the list of the 14 essential walleye trolling lures. It is the “go to” spoon for anglers trolling for walleye and other freshwater game fish species. It is by far the most popular trolling spoon used in the Great Lakes region. These spoons are available in several sizes and a wide variety of colors and finishes.

walleye fishing for beginners

Spoons do require some method of getting them down into the water column. Trolling sinkers and downriggers are generally used. One benefit of trolling with spoons is that they are extremely effective lures for salmon and trout. Therefore, anglers trolling for walleye in waters that have these other game fish will often be happily interrupted by these other species.

Bomber Long A

walleye trolling

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The Bomber Long A is a very versatile lure that has been around for a long time. It is fifth on the list of 14 essential walleye trolling lures. The Bomber Long A is a legendary slender minnow jerkbait. It mimics a minnow’s lifelike swimming action when trolled at a constant pace. They are available in many different color patterns.

walleye fishing tips

These lures also are available with a deep diving lip and a shallow diving lip. Anglers can troll the shallow diving lipped baits behind a downrigger ball or trolling sinkers while the deep diving lip will reach the desired depth on its own.

Storm ThunderStick

trolling for walleye

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The Storm ThunderStick is another very popular ineffective stick bait used to troll for walleye. Storm Original Deep ThunderSticks are a true classic lure, used by anglers around the world. These baits feature designs from the original ThunderStick molds and are outfitted with premium VMC hooks for sure holding power. The injured baitfish swimming action of these lures attract walleye and other species. It weighs 5/8 of an ounce and will dive down to 25 feet. Like the Bomber Long A, it is available with a smaller lip to troll behind a downrigger or in very shallow water.

Rapala Husky Jerk

walleye fishing

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The Rapala Husky Jerk is number seven on the list of 14 essential walleye trolling lures. This is been a very popular jerk bait for freshwater anglers for decades. It will catch a variety of species, including a walleye. Like several of the other plugs listed above, it is available in both a deep diving and shallow diving model. The deep diving version will go down 20 feet or so and they are well known for running true right out-of-the-box.


Moonshine spoon

walleye spoon

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The second spoon on the list of top walleye trolling lures is the Moonshine Walleye Spoon. The Moonshine Walleye Spoon is a high-quality trolling spoon and is one the brightest UV glowing products offered by Moonshine. This durable 3-inch spoon features proven patterns for success that are painted with eye-popping colors. The amazing UV colors are best used in low light scenarios but the Walleye Spoons will even excel in daylight use!

Cotton Cordell Wally Diver

walleye trolling lures

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The Cotton Cordell Walleye Diver is another very effective plug. It is legendary among both recreational and charter anglers throughout the Great Lakes region. It has a slightly larger head and a long slender body resulting in a terrific tight wiggling action. It is available in two different sizes and is perfect when trolling for walleye in water depths between 10 feet deep and 20 feet deep.

Storm Hot N Tot

walleye trolling lures

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The Storm Hot-N-Tot is another effective walleye trolling lure that has been around for a very long time. It has changed very little since its inception. It still has the original metal lip. It is a smaller bait with a wider profile that has a very erratic side-to-side action it is 2 inches long, weighs 3/16 of an ounce, and will troll down to 15 feet or so. Is an excellent lure to use when trolling for walleye in water between 10 and 20 feet deep or when the fish are a bit finicky.

Erie Dearie

trolling lures for walleye

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Number 11 on the list of 14 essential walleye trolling lures is the Erie Dearie. Many anglers have used this interesting looking lure over the years. It is basically a weight forward spinner that is designed to bounce right off of the bottom where walleye feed. The Erie Dearie is used in conjunction with live bait. It is an extremely effective way to slow troll and present a live nightcrawler to bottom feeding walleye.

Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye

walleye fishing lures

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The Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye is next on the list of 14 essential walleye trolling lures. Yo Zuri is world renowned for the finishes on their baits. Their addition into the realm of deep diving trolling lures for walleye is no exception. These baits are available in three different sizes, with the largest reaching depths of 15 feet to 18 feet. They are available in a wide variety of colors as well.

Northland Whistler

walleye trolling lure

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The Northland Whistler is an unusual looking lure that is really a combination of a jig and a spinner. While some anglers may not consider it a true trolling lure as it is often used when casting or vertically jigging, it is very effective when slow trolling for walleye. It is used in conjunction with live bait, either a nightcrawler, minnow, or leech. It is an excellent choice in cold water when walleye are less active as well as in situations where fish are found in a small confined area.

Hammer Time Spinner

fishing for walleye

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Last, but certainly not least, on the list of best walleye trolling lures is the Hammer Time Walleye Spinner. It is a harness rig to slowly troll a nightcrawler. Give walleye an even greater edge in low-light conditions. The Hammer Time Walleye Spinner Rig expands the strike zone in clear water and helps walleye home in on your bait in dark, stained, or dingy water. Rigged with Glo beads and a hammered Colorado blade with a UV finish, the Hammer Time Spinner maximizes both sonic and visible attraction. This premium 2-hook crawler harness is hand-snelled on a nearly-invisible 60″L, 15-lb. fluorocarbon leader with 2 perfectly-spaced octopus hooks and a quick-change clevis.

In conclusion, this list of the 14 essential walleye trolling lures will help anglers choose the correct baits for their angling situations, and therefore catch more fish!


What is the best pompano fishing lure?

What is the Best Pompano Fishing Lure?

Pompano are a very popular inshore saltwater species. Anglers prize them for both their strong fight and their incredible fillets. Pompano can be caught on a variety of baits and lures. However, there is one artificial lure that is the best for pompano fishing.

The best pompano fishing lure is a jig. A jig is basically a weighted hook that usually has some type of dressing. Pompano feed right on the bottom, rooting out shrimp, crabs, and other crustaceans. A jig bounced and along a sandy bottom very realistically mimics this fleeing prey. Jigs can be presented right where pompano, feed. This makes them incredibly effective pompano fishing lures.

best pompano fishing lure

A jig is just a natural lure when it comes to pompano fishing. Pompano are often times found in inlets and passes, especially in deeper water. This generally requires a vertical presentation. A jig that is just heavy enough to reach the bottom can be bounced along as the boat drifts with the current. This is an extremely effective pompano fishing technique.

Jigs can also be cast out and retrieved back in. This technique is most often employed on shallower flats and sandbars. Anglers surf fishing do this as well. The same principle applies as the jig is allowed to hit the bottom and is retrieved back in using a series of sharp twitches. Unless grass is present, the best approach is to let the jig hit the bottom and kick up a little puff of sand between each twitch.

jig fishing for pompano

Capt. Jim Klopfer is a professional saltwater fishing guide in Sarasota, Florida. Pompano are one of his favorite species to catch. In this article, he will share his favorite pompano fishing jigs and techniques.

Anglers can read more about “Inshore Saltwater Fishing” in Capt Jim’s E-book.

Pompano jigs

While the standard lead head jig with a soft plastic trailer will catch pompano, anglers specifically targeting these tasty and hard fighting fish will use specialized lures. Pompano have small mouths and the best jigs are small and compact. They also have smaller hooks and the dressing often ends just behind the bend of the hook. This is a bit different from any other saltwater jigs where the tail provides the action. With pompano jigs, it is all about quick and erratic movements.

jig fishing for pompano

The most effective pompano fishing jigs are usually those with contrasting colors. This usually includes white or silver and bright colors such as pink, yellow, red, or chartreuse. Pompano can be fussy, however usually locating them is the most difficult part. It is definitely suggested to have a selection of different sizes, styles, and colors on board for the days when pompano are more selective.

Anglers can read this article by Capt Jim on Pompano fishing

Anglers fishing shallow water and casting jigs out in search of pompano usually opt for ¼ ounce to 1/2 ounce jigs. Jigs of this size are easily cast out with light to medium light spinning tackle, which is the best choice for most anglers when pompano fishing. The same sized jigs will work fine when drifting passes and inlets as well. The best approach when drifting is to use the lightest jig that will reach the bottom. Successful anglers will constantly adjust the weight of the jig to the ever changing current conditions.

pompano fishing in Florida

Jigs are often quite productive on their own. However, some anglers prefer to tip the jig with a tiny pea-sized piece of shrimp. This is especially effective on days where the bite is tough or when the water is stirred up and dirty. A taste of the real thing will help pompano find the jig and hold onto it a bit longer.

Rigging for pompano

As mentioned above, in most applications the best choice when it comes to rod and reel is a light or medium light spinning outfit. A 7 foot rod with a fast action and a limber tip paired with a 2500 to 3000 series reel is a great all round combination. Most saltwater anglers already own and outfit such as this that they use for spotted sea trout and redfish. The reel can be spooled up with 10 pound monofilament or braided fishing line.

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Top Sarasota species

Most anglers use some type of leader between the running line and the jig. While pompano do not have teeth, they are often caught around structure. Also, other species that do have teeth or raspy jaws such as bluefish, Spanish mackerel, jacks, and ladyfish are often caught in the same areas where pompano are found. In clear water, a 2 foot section of 20 pound fluorocarbon leader is a good choice. Anglers can bump it up to 30 pound test in stained water or when other species are plentiful.

Styles of pompano jigs

There are several different jig styles which have proven themselves to be very effective pompano fishing lures. The pompano jig, banana jig, and standard jig and grub combination with a short trailer are the most effective lures for these feisty little game fish.

top 8 Sarasota fish species


Best pompano jigs

There are a couple of pompano jigs that Capt. Jim has found particularly effective. His personal favorite is the Bomber Nylure jig. This bait comes with a shiny lead nose that has a conical shape. It is dressed with a nylon skirt that is available and several bright colors. Green and pink are two productive colors.

pompano jig

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The Sea Striker pompano jig is another very effective pompano jig. It is more of the conventional style with a round head and a short thick skirt along with a fairly small hook. This jig in the smaller sizes is extremely effective in clear water or when pompano are being especially fussy. Tipping it with a tiny piece of shrimp can often make the difference. This little jig will catch just about every species in any pass or inlet.

pompano jig

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Wahoo pompano jigs are similar to the Sea Striker jigs are are equally effective.

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The other type of jig that is proven itself to be extremely productive for Capt. Jim and just about every other experienced pompano fisherman is the banana style jig. There are several manufacturers who offer this lure to anglers. It is an odd shape and at first glance does not seem like it would catch fish. However, it has a very erratic action in the water.

pompano jigs

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This type of jig is a tad more difficult for some anglers to learn to use. It requires a sharp twitch of the rod tip and a bit of tots to feel the bite. Many of these lures come with a little fly or teaser as an added attract. Many pompano are caught under the chin on this little teaser. Bright colors such as pink and white and yellow and white are the most productive.

The traditional jig and grub combination will certainly catch pompano as well. In fact, many are caught by accident as anglers drift the grass flats in search of spotted sea trout and other species. However, anglers who are specifically targeting pompano will do better by scaling down their offerings. A 1/8 ounce jig head with a small hook in a small soft plastic grub works best. Grub bodies with a flat tail tend to be more effective.

gulp shrimp

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One excellent option when using the jig and grub combination is to use a small scented grub on the jig head. Capt. Jim’s favorite scented soft plastic bait by far is the Gulp Shrimp. The 2 inch version on a small jig head does not cast a long way but is an extremely effective pompano fishing lure. Anglers can bump up to a 1/4 ounce jig head with the 3 inch shrimp. White with a chartreuse tail is a top producer.

In conclusion, this article on the best pompano fishing lure will help anglers catch more of these very hard fighting an incredibly tasty saltwater game fish species!

Bikini Fishing Women, Pictures and Video

Bikini Fishing Women, pictures and Video

There are many female anglers who enjoy the sport of fishing. Many prefer to fish in a Bikini when it is warm. This post will feature terrific Bikini fishing women from all over the United States. Where applicable, their social media pages will be included.


Bikini fishing women

Follow Candice on Instagram

Candice is just a country girl from Florida. She enjoys all types of fishing in both freshwater and saltwater. Candice has fished with Capt Jim a bunch of times and has caught just about every species that is available on the West Coast of Florida.

Bikini fishing

A lot of the fishing here in Florida involves drifting the grass flats for a variety of species.


Bikini fishing

Follow Bonnie on Instagram

Bonnie is another angler from Sarasota who has fished with Capt Jim many times. She is an excellent anglers who has caught a lot of nice fish.

Bikini fishing


top freshwater fish species

Follow Happy on Instagram

Happy lives in Tennessee and focuses mostly on striped bass in area lakes, though she does catch other species a likes to travel and fish as well.

fishing in a Bikini


Top Sarasota species

Follow Adria on Instagram

Adria lives in Venice, Florida and also is a licensed captain who runs offshore charters for bottom fish and pelagic species such as king and Spanish mackerel.

Bikini fishing


striped bass fishing tips and spots

Follow Jacki on Instagram

Jacki lives in South Carolina and focuses mostly on striped bass in Lake Murray. She does catch some other species as well and like to travel to Florida with her husband and family.

fishing in Bkinis


Sarasota Spanish mackerel fishing

Jess lived in Florida and fished with Capt Jim quite a bit before moving to Tennessee to raise her family.

best redfish lures

Species, pictures and video

There are many excellent game fish species that anglers can catch throughout the country. In this section we will list as many as possible along with pictures and video.


best live baits for saltwater fishing in Florida

Snook are the premier inshore species in Florida. They are a hard-fighting fish that grow quite large. Snook are caught by anglers using lures, live bait, and fly fishing.

Sarasota game fish species

Anglers can read more about fishing for snook here.

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Top Florida saltwater game fish

Big snook are often caught in inlets and passes. Docks and bridges hold them as well.

fishing in a Bikini

live bait fishing in Florida

Mangrove shorelines are good spots to fish for snook.

fishing in Bikinis

Striped Bass

top Tennessee game fish species

Striped bass, or stripers, are a very popular species. They are a bit unusual in that they thrive in both fresh and salt waters. They have been stocked in many large lakes and do very well.

fishing inlets

Kirsten fishes for striped bass in New Jersey

umbrella rig for stripers

Freshwater lakes provide excellent striped bass fishing.

Tennessee striped bass fishing

Read more about fishing for striped bass here.

Follow Happy on YouTube

Speckled trout

Sarasota fishing charters

Speckled trout, also known as spotted sea trout, are an extremely popular inshore saltwater game fish. They are a beautiful fish that strike hard and put up a decent little fight. They can be taken on a variety of baits and techniques.

top 8 Sarasota fish species

Read more about fishing for speckled trout here

Jigs and soft plastic lures are excellent and productive lures for speckled trout fishing.

Florida saltwater fishing in winter

Learn some spotted sea trout fishing tips!

Bikini fishing

The jig and grub combo is without a doubt the number one artificial lure for catching spotted sea trout.

best 12 spotted sea trout fishing lures

Speckled trout feed on shrimp and other crustaceans, which jigs realistically mimic.

speckled trout


fishing for bluefish

Bluefish are a hard-fighting game fish species that are found along the coast from Texas to Maine. Here in Florida, they run a bit smaller than those from the northeast. However, they are great fun on light tackle.

Florida saltwater fishing in spring

Lures are very productive as they appeal to the aggressive nature of bluefish.

fishing for bluefish

Bluefish are often caught in passes and inlets.

Read a detailed article on fishing for bluefish.

Florida bluefish


pompano fishing in Florida

Pompano are a small, but herd fighting and delicious game fish species. They are found along the coast lines of both the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

fly fishing Sarasota Bay

Learn more about pompano fishing here.

Follow Capt Jim on YouTube

Jigs are very effective pompano fishing lures as they realistically mimic the small crustaceans that pompano feed on.

best pompano fishing lure

Spanish mackerel

top 8 Sarasota fish species

Spanish mackerel are a terrific inshore game fish! They are a gorgeous fish that hits hard and is very fast. They are also good to eat when properly prepared.

Sarasota Spanish mackerel fishing

Spanish mackerel are caught by anglers both from boats and the shore. They will run along the surf on both coasts.

Florida Spanish mackerel fishing

Trolling is an excellent method to catch Spanish mackerel. It allows anglers to cover a lot of water in search of fish.

trolling for mackerel

Spanish mackerel fishing tips!

Spoons are the top trolling lures.

Spanish mackerel fishing in Florida

Many Spanish Mackerel are caught by anglers casting jigs and live bait for other species on the grass flats.

Sarasota fishing report

Crappie, bluegill, and panfish

fishing for crappie

Crappie are a very popular freshwater species. They are the largest member of the ‘panfish” family. While not terrific battlers, they are fun to catch and great eating.

Bikini fishing for crappie

Panfish and crappie are caught by anglers using small artificial lures as well as live bait.

Best 9 bluegill and panfish fishing lures

There are several different species of panfish such as bluegill, redear, and other sunfish that are great fun on light tackle.

fishing for bluegill

Here is a comprehensive article on fishing for crappie, bluegill, and panfish.



redear sunfish


best redfish fishing tackle

Redfish are another very popular inshore saltwater species that are found along the coast from Texas to the mid Atlantic.

redfish lures

Redfish are caught in the inshore bays in quite shallow water. Inlets and passes will hold them as well. Surf anglers catch them off the beaches.

redfish lures

Mangrove shorelines are good spots to try for redfish, too.

fishing for redfish

King mackerel

Bradenton fishing forecast

Check out more info on king mackerel fishing.

king mackerel fishing in Florida

Sarasota offshore fishing

king mackerel fishing

More Bikini fishing women

Here are a few more miscellaneous pictures of some of our excellent anglers!

Top 8 SArasota fish species

Small snook for Candice

top 8 Sarasota fish species

Mangrove snapper on live bait for Candice

fishing for jack crevalle

Jack crevalle can be caught in creeks and rivers in cooler months.

top 25 Florida game fish

gag grouper fishing tackle

Juvenile tarpon are caught in backwater areas and are great sport on light tackle.

Florida king mackerel fishing

False albacore put up a fantastic battle!

Lake Murray catfish

Nice catfish for Jacki!

Jacksonville fishing

Fun sized shark for Laura.

fishing for ladyfish in Florida

Ladyfish on fly for Candice.

fishing for ladyfish in Florida

Ladyfish are plentiful in the passes.

best shark bait

Big shark in the surf!

Happy catches catfish, too!

grouper fishing

Big red grouper for Captain Adria!

best striped bass lures

Nice pair of hybrid stripers for Happy.


Flounder for dinner for Kirsten!

fishing for redfish

Small redfish for Paige.

Jess with a North Dakota walleye.

Miss Candice catching up the bluegill.

Bikini fishing

Happy with a good eating sized walleye.

bass fishing

Occasionally, Happy fools a largemouth bass.


Happy in her happy place!


jack crevalle fishing

Big jack for Miss Bonnie in a Florida river.

Mackerel on fly

Spanish mackerel off the beach on the fly rod.


Candice waiting for a bite.


Decent Florida bluefish.

fishing for sheepshead

Nice sheepshead in the pass for Candice.

pompano on the boat

Pompano and the boat.

Spanish mackerel

Spanish mackerel on a Rapala for Jess.

mangrove snapper fishing

In conclusion, enjoy these pictures and video of Bikini fishing women!