Inverness Florida Fishing Charters

Inverness Florida fishing charters

Inverness Florida Fishing Charters

My name is Capt Jim Klopfer and I offer anglers Inverness Florida fishing charters. My main focus will be on freshwater fishing with an emphasis on fly fishing, but I certainly enjoy using spinning and baitcasting tackle as well. I target both largemouth bass and panfish. Both of these options offer anglers great sport using both flies and lures.

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bluegill fishing charters in Florida

The Inverness, Florida area has some of the finest freshwater fishing in the country, if not the world! There are several lakes that provide both action and quality fish. The Withlacoochee River is gorgeous and offers anglers a glimpse of “Old Florida”. It is a great option on breezy days as it offers protection from the wind. These freshwater fishing charters have a different “feel” to them as opposed to saltwater fishing. It is a more relaxed environment with some spectacular scenery and great fishing!

Inverness bass fishing

Inverness Florida fishing charters

I use a 15′ Siesta Skiff for myInverness Florida fishing charters. It is clean and simple, really more of a saltwater skiff. However, this makes it an ideal craft for fly fishing as the bow deck is open and uncluttered. It is stable and quick, with a lot of storage for a smaller boat. I can easily take 2 anglers along with myself. This boat also drafts less than larger bass boats, allowing me to access spots during periods of low water.

Inverness fishing charters skiff

One of the keys to fishing the Inverness area is the need to be versatile. Conditions are constantly changing. Water levels, water temperature, clarity, time of year, and wind are all factors will will determine the best spot to fish. Fortunately, boat ramps are abundant in the Inverness Florida area. This allows me to customize each charter to the desires of the client along with the current conditions.

Waters fished in Inverness Florida fishing charters

As mentioned earlier, anglers choosing to go out on an Inverness fishing charter have multiple options. Lake Panasoffkee, the Tsala Apopka Chain of lakes, and Lake Rousseau offer anglers terrific fishing for bass and panfish. The Withlacoochee River is scenic and enjoyable on it’s own, not to mention the excellent fishing opportunities.

Lake Panasoffkee

Lake Panasofkee bass

Lake Panasoffkee is one of the top panfish lakes in Florida. Largemouth bass are available in both good numbers and size. It is shallow with abundant vegetation. This makes it pretty easy to fish. Lake Panasofkee is large enough to have good numbers of fish, yet small enough to not be overwhelming. I meet my clients at either Tracy’s Point Fishing Lodge or Marsh Bend Park. Lake Panasofkee is a great optiond for anglers travelling from Orlando and Ocala.

Withlacoochee River

fishing the Withlacoochee River

The Withlacoochee is a long river that flows south to north, running through a large swampy region. There are a half dozen ramps that allow access to the river, from Lake Panasofkee all the way to Dunellon the then finally Lake Rousseau. It is a true blackwater river. Anglers catch good numbers of bass, panfish, and crappie. It is an excellent option on days with wind. The scenery alone is worth the trip!

Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes

The Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes runs right through the town of Inverness. Is is a large area of very shallow, weedy waters. There are three distinct pools with deeper water, the Floral City, Inverness, and Hernando pools. Each has good access with several ramps. This is a great option for anglers who want to stay close to Inverness.

Lake Rousseau

Inverness Florida fishing charters

Lake Rousseau is a decent sized lake that is formed by a dam on the Withlacoochee River. It is a bit further away, being 45 minutes northwest of Inverness. It is an underfished little gem that does not get a lot of recognition. Part of the reason for this is that the lake is very difficult to run up on plane. Stumps abound, which are great for fishing but hard on lower units. Idling from spot to spot is the best approach. It offers terrific fishing for bass, shellcracker, and crappie. Lake Rousseau RV Resort is centrally located and an great spot to launch. There are several other ramps as well.

Species caught on Inverness Florida fishing charters

Anglers fishing with me in the Inverness area lakes and rivers can expect to catch largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and shellcracker (redear sunfish). Not every species will be caught on every trip and surprises to happen. Gar and mudfish are never targeted, but can intercept a bait meant for another species.

Largemouth bass

largemouth bass fishing charter in Florida

Largemouth bass are the preeminent game fish species in Florida lakes and rivers. They grow large and fight hard. Bass are found both in quantity and of quality size in the Inverness waters. Anglers can catch them using a variety of tactics. I specialize in fly fishing for largemouth bass. However, I can certainly cater to those who want to use more traditional tackle. While some anglers prefer to fish for bass with shiners, and it is very productive, I do not fish that way.


crappie fishing in Florida

Crappie are an extremely popular fish species throughout the south in particular. I definitely target them on my Inverness Florida fishing charters. Fall and early winter is the best time to locate them in bunches. In the warmer months, they spread out and go deep. Clients catch them on fly, though that is not always the most efficient method, it is a lot of fun! Small jigs and other lures work well, either casting or trolling. I will occassionally use live minnows.


Inverness bluegill fishing

I love catching bluegill especially on a fly rod! Clients certainly do as well. Targeting bluegill and other panfish is a great way to learn to catch fish on fly while gaining confidence and having fun. No great skill is needed and a fresh fish dinner normally follows. I also cast small lures such as the Beetle Spin and tiny grubs. I will use worms at times.

Shellcracker (redear sunfish)

Florida shellcracker

Shellcracker are a terrific panfish species that are found in Inverness waters, particularly Lake Rousseau. While they will take flies and lures, many more are caught using live bait. When specifically targeting these large members of the panfish family, I use worms or grass shrimp. They are great fighters and fantastic eating!


gar fishing in Sarasota

Very few anglers actually target gar, but they grow large and put up a spirited fight. They readily take both lures and flies along with eating expensive shiners meant for bass!


Sarasota freshwater fishing

Catfish fight hard and are terrific eating. I do not often target them specifically, but they are welcome interlopers on a fishing charter. Many anglers are surprised to learn how often catfish will be caught on lures and even flies.

In conclusion, I hope this will encourage anglers who are visiting the Inverness, Florida area to give the great fishing a try!