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Good Fishing on Lido Key after Irma

Hurricane Irma swept through Florida, bringing strong winds and dumping a bunch of rain on us.  The water is still pretty low in salinity, but bait is plentiful and the fish are biting!  Snook are scattered out from the beaches to the inshore mangrove shorelines.  Speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks, ladyfish, snapper, grouper, and more were landed recently by clients on Sarasota fishing charters.  The best bite is early as it still is getting quite warm by noon.  Live pilchards work well, but artificial lures such as Rapala X-Raps and Bass Assassin jigs caught fish as well.

Lido Key fishing charters

Lido Key beach fishing has been productive!

Fishing has been good off of Lido Key in Sarasota, Florida this summer. Water conditions have been good though the temperatures have been a tad high, up into the lower 90's at times. However, there is a ton of bait around and that has been the key to the good fishing. Large schools of pilchards, AKA scaled sardines, are thick just off the beach. This in turn attracts snook, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks, ladyfish and other predators to come in and feed. Small lures such as white jigs and silver spoons work well and make it easy to move along the surf in search of fish. Live bait is very productive, but a bit more trouble to get and keep alive in the heat. Fly anglers will score using small white Clouser Minnow and D.T. Special patterns.
Fishing ido Beach

Excellent snook fishing on Lido Key

In the summertime snook migrate out of Sarasota Bay and into the passes and out on the beaches as part of their annual spawning run. Any structure in either New Pass or Big Sarasota Pass as well as any of the Lido Key beaches may hold out premier inshore gamefish. Artificial lures such as plugs and jigs will fool some fish, but live bait will be more productive. Live shrimp, pinfish, and pilchards will ass do well. Rocks, docks, and bridges are all likely fish-holding structures.

Anglers may also choose to sight cast to cruising snook in the surf. This is great fun as light tackle is the best choice to use. Small white bucktail jigs will work, as will live bait. This is a fantastic opportunity for fly anglers as well. Short quick casts are the norm as most fish will be seen within a couple feet from shore.

Lido Key snook