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Big speckled trout for young Lido Key angler

6 year old Kellan Harwick from CT had a memorable morning on a Lido Key fishing charter recently.  It was a bit breezy and we were drifting the deep grass just east of Lido Key in Sarasota Bay when he hooked something large.  We had been steadily catching trout, ladyfish, mackerel, and grouper, but this was a bit different.  After a brief struggle, the gator trout came to the boat, was netted and held up for a quick photo before being released.  Speckled trout fishing has been very good this year so far, and should continue as the big bait schools start showing up on the flats.

Lido Key fishing report

Still summer in Sarasota; fishing is hot as well!

It has been quite warm in Sarasota of late, with "feels like" temperatures in the low 100's.  But despite that, fishing has been very good as the fish slowly ease into their fall patterns.  Bait remains plentiful on the flats and out on the beaches.  Speckled trout, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, jacks, grouper, ladyfish, and more were landed by anglers fishing Lido Key casting jigs and using live bait fish.  Snook are still in the passes and migrating into the bays and backwaters.  Spanish mackerel schools were found at Pt. Of Rocks and the inshore artificial reefs.  Action should only get better as the water cools off a tad.

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Big speckled trout for Sarasota angler!

I was fishing the other day with Chelsey and her husband Kyle, experiencing fast action chumming with live bait fish on the deep grass flats on the east side of Lido Key.  Speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, jacks, ladyfish, grouperr, and snapper were keeping the rods bent.  Then, a much larger fish was hooked!  The fish stayed deep, leaving us in suspense until it came alongside, where we saw that it was a huge speckled trout!  I slid the net under it and we held her up for a quick photo before releasing it.  Anglers fishing Lido Key can expect some nice speckled trout when going out on a fishing charter, but this was a trophy!

Lido Key fishing charters

“Hot” fishing continues on Lido Key

It has certainly been a very hot summer here in Sarasota, Florida.  The lack of afternoon rains resulted in water temperatures in the upper 80's, which is higher than normal.  Despite that, clients on Lido Key fishing charters experienced good action, especially in the first couple hours of the morning, before it got too hot.  Speckled trout, mangrove snapper, and Spanish mackerel led the list of species taken, with grouper, jacks, small sharks, and ladyfish mixed in.  Chumming with live bait fish over grass flats in 6' to 8' of water near the passes was the most productive technique.

Sarasota fishing charter

Good summer fishing on Lido Key!

We have not had much rain and water temperatures are in the high 80's, but the fishing is still very good for anglers fishing Lido Key on the deep grass flats throughout Sarasota Bay.  Speckled trout and magrove snapper were the top catches, with Spanish mackerel, jack crevelle, gag grouper, bluefish, and ladyfish also bending rods for anglers on fishing charters.  Live threadfin herring are plentiful and easy to catch and using them as chum to draw in the gamefish was the best approach.  Rains should lower the water temperatures and even improve the fishing.  This action should continue into the earely fall.

Lido Key fishing charters

Spanish mackerel showing up off Lido Key

Spanish mackerel showed up recently and are being caught in decent numbers in Sarasota Bay.  The flats surrounding Lido Key are producing a dezen mackerel on average for clients on morning Lido Key fishing charters.  Catching live bait fish and chumming the mackerel up into a frenzy has been the best technique.  Along with the macks, speckled trout, mangrove snapper, gag grouper, jacks, and ladyfish were landed by anglers.  This action should continue through the summer, picking up as the water temperature drops down a bit.

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Hot weather and hot fishing in Sarasota

It has been very warm here on Lido Key in Sarasota Florida this week.  The lack of afternoon rains have resulted in rising water temperatures and hot, steamy weather.  However, the bite has been red hot!  Clients on Lido Key fishing charters are landed a bunch of fish on morning trips, including speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, snapper, grouper, jacks, flounder, and ladyfish.  Chumming with live threadfin herring over grass flats in 6' to 10' of water has been the most productive technique.  Getting out there at first light and being finished by late morning is critical in order to beat the summertime heat.

Lido Key fishing charters

Great fishing on Lido Key despite storms

Fishing was excellent in the waters surrounding Lido Key this week!  However, weather was an issue as morning thunderstorms interrupted the action.  Speckled trout were the most plentiful species landed, but clients on Lido Key fishing charters also landed Spanish mackerel, bluefish, mangrove snapper, jack crevelle, gag grouper, ladyfish, and more.  Live bait has been easy to catch and chumming the grass flats in 6' of water has been a deadly technique.

Lido Key fishing charters

Excellent fishing on Lido Key!

Recent afternoon showers have resulted in the water temperature dropping down to 83 degrees and the fishing has been very good!  Clients on Lido Key fishing charters landed Spanish mackerel, bluefish, speckled trout, jack crevelle, mangrove snapper, gag grouper, ladyfish and more using both jigs and live bait fish.  The deep grass flats near Lido Key were the best spots.  Along with the drop in water temperature, baitfish are abundant on the flats, and this attacted the gamefish.  An early start was important as it is still quite warm by lunch time.

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Hot weather and fishing in Sarasota!

It was VERY hot in Sarasota and on Lido Key, Florida this past week.  Getting out on the water and fishing until late morning was the best approach.  The deep grass flats from Lido Key north to Buttonwood produced speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, jack crevelle, gag grouper, bluefish, ladyfish, and more for anglers going out on a Sarasota fishing charter.  Jigs were effective early then live bait did well later in the morning.  Big Sarasota Pas and New Pass are holding good numbers of snook as well.

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