Lido Key Fishing Charters

Lido Key fishing charters for anglers visiting the Sarasota, Florida area will experience good action and a variety of species.

Sarasota fishing action improves on the deep grass flats

Unseasonably warm weather has resulted in water temperatures hitting 70 degrees in Sarasota Bay.  The result has been a hot bite for clients on Lido Key fishing charters of late.  Speckled trout and ladyfish were plentiful, with Spanish mackerel, bluefish, pompano, and other species mixed in.  Bass Assassin jigs and Gulp Shrimp produced most of the fish, though live shrimp also caught a few.  The sheepshead bite seems to be improving as well, with thses tasty saltwater panfish being caught on the inshore artificial reefs off of Lido Key as well as any structure in and near the passes.

Lido Key fishing charters

Snook fishing good in Sarasota creeks and canals

One of the most reliable winter fishing patterns for clients on Lido Key fishing charters is to fish the back end of residential canals, creeks, and rivers.  The water is usually several degrees warmer and gamefish and baitfish will move up into these areas in the winter as the bay water gets cold and dirty.  Snook in particular will concentrate in these areas and will hit plugs, jigs with a soft plastic trailer, and flies.  Afternoon high tides are generally the best times to fish.

Lido Key fishing charters

Cold snap changes fishing strategies in Sarasota

The severe Arctic blast that has most of the country freezing did find it's way to Sarasota, Florida.  Water temperatures dropped down to almost 50 degrees, resulting in a change in fish behavior.  Successful anglers will neeed to change as well.  Fishing around structure in canals and creeks with live shrimp will produce sheepshead, drum, snook, redfish, and other species.  Several days of warm weather will result in good action on the deep grass flats for pompano, trout, bluefish, and more.  The key to Lido Key fishing charters being successful is to take the weather into account and to adapt to the current conditions; take what Mother Nature gives and enjoy some great fishing, even when it is chilly outside.

Lido Key fishing charters

Recent cool weather results in good river fishing

Several pretty strong cold fronts have moved through the area, resulting in a significant drop in water temperature.  While this can adversely affect bay fishing, it actually improves fishing in area rivers as the cooler water sparts a migration of snook and other species.  Clients fishing Lido Key can expect good action just a short drive from Sarasota.  Artificial lures are most often used as plugs andjigs allow anglers to cover a lot of water quickly.  Snook, largemouth bass, jack crevelle, juvenile tarpon, and other species are landed on these trips.  This is a charter for a more experienced angler, as it is more about quality fish than a lot of action.

Lido Key fishing charters

Good fishing off the Lido Key beaches

Northeast winds have resulted in cool, calm water in the inshore Gulf of Mexico of late.  This causes baitfish to school up in huge numbers just off of our area beaches.  The forage then attracts the gamefish; Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, false albacore, sharks, and more!  Mackerel and albies will terrorize helpless baitfish on the surface, creating a very exciting fishing experience as a plug or jig cast into the fray will usually get eaten.  A ten pounf false albacore on light spinning tackle is about as fun as it gets!  Clients on Lido Key fishing charters scored on albies, mackerel, jacks, and ladyfish this week in the inshore Gulf of Mexico just off of the Sarasota beaches.  This action will continue until it gets too cold, probably around Christmas.

Lido Key fishing charters

Still summer in Sarasota; fishing is hot as well!

It has been quite warm in Sarasota of late, with "feels like" temperatures in the low 100's.  But despite that, fishing has been very good as the fish slowly ease into their fall patterns.  Bait remains plentiful on the flats and out on the beaches.  Speckled trout, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, jacks, grouper, ladyfish, and more were landed by anglers fishing Lido Key casting jigs and using live bait fish.  Snook are still in the passes and migrating into the bays and backwaters.  Spanish mackerel schools were found at Pt. Of Rocks and the inshore artificial reefs.  Action should only get better as the water cools off a tad.

Lido Key fishing charters

Big speckled trout for Sarasota angler!

I was fishing the other day with Chelsey and her husband Kyle, experiencing fast action chumming with live bait fish on the deep grass flats on the east side of Lido Key.  Speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, jacks, ladyfish, grouperr, and snapper were keeping the rods bent.  Then, a much larger fish was hooked!  The fish stayed deep, leaving us in suspense until it came alongside, where we saw that it was a huge speckled trout!  I slid the net under it and we held her up for a quick photo before releasing it.  Anglers fishing Lido Key can expect some nice speckled trout when going out on a fishing charter, but this was a trophy!

Lido Key fishing charters

“Hot” fishing continues on Lido Key

It has certainly been a very hot summer here in Sarasota, Florida.  The lack of afternoon rains resulted in water temperatures in the upper 80's, which is higher than normal.  Despite that, clients on Lido Key fishing charters experienced good action, especially in the first couple hours of the morning, before it got too hot.  Speckled trout, mangrove snapper, and Spanish mackerel led the list of species taken, with grouper, jacks, small sharks, and ladyfish mixed in.  Chumming with live bait fish over grass flats in 6' to 8' of water near the passes was the most productive technique.

Sarasota fishing charter

Good summer fishing on Lido Key!

We have not had much rain and water temperatures are in the high 80's, but the fishing is still very good for anglers fishing Lido Key on the deep grass flats throughout Sarasota Bay.  Speckled trout and magrove snapper were the top catches, with Spanish mackerel, jack crevelle, gag grouper, bluefish, and ladyfish also bending rods for anglers on fishing charters.  Live threadfin herring are plentiful and easy to catch and using them as chum to draw in the gamefish was the best approach.  Rains should lower the water temperatures and even improve the fishing.  This action should continue into the earely fall.

Lido Key fishing charters

Spanish mackerel showing up off Lido Key

Spanish mackerel showed up recently and are being caught in decent numbers in Sarasota Bay.  The flats surrounding Lido Key are producing a dezen mackerel on average for clients on morning Lido Key fishing charters.  Catching live bait fish and chumming the mackerel up into a frenzy has been the best technique.  Along with the macks, speckled trout, mangrove snapper, gag grouper, jacks, and ladyfish were landed by anglers.  This action should continue through the summer, picking up as the water temperature drops down a bit.

Lido Key fishing charters