Bottom fishing best bet for anglers fishing Lido Key

We are defintely experiencing a "real" winter here in Sarasota Florida.  Severe cold fronts have dropped the water temperature into the mid to upper 50s, resulting in local fish populations settling into winter habits.  Cold, dirty water will move fish off of the flats, seeking deeper water.  Bottom fish such as sheepshead, snapper, and grouper are less affected by these conditions and persistent anglers will achieve success fishing shrimp on the bottom near docks, bridges, rocks, and other structures.  On a recent Sarasota fishing charter repeat clients Louise and Curtis Knepper from PA has a decent afternoon as we worked several areas in Big Sarasota Pass, working live and frozen shrimp on the bottom in depths from 7' to 18' of water.  Gag grouper, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, and a nice lane snapper came to the boat.  The sheepshead run will build and peak in March, providing good action and table fare until April.

Lido Key fishing charter